2019 Origins Top 10 Games

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 1

Green hair, green glasses, green shirt, green pants, green shoes, and a bright demeanor made Origins 2019 #origins2019 a ball. I’ve never been called an idiot lovingly so many times in my life. (I think it was lovingly.) This Origins Top Ten, was lovingly crafted by your favorite MeepleGamers.

Josh Hale


Each new Origins seems to become larger than the last. In 2019, we found over 100 games that were while not exclusive to Origins, were hard to get outside the convention. Here, we have named a few of what we consider were Origins Top Ten titles.

There were tons of games to check out at 2019 Origins. MeepleGamers writers have curated a list of their top 10. Check them out here!

Tales of Glory – Ankama Games

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 2

Matthew Kearns – Tales of Glory is a well put together game, even the box is ready for you to game. The rules are easy to read and follow (big plus for me), and the art is wonderful. Explore, fight, win!

Heart of Crown; Fairy Garden – Japanime Games

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 3

Joseph Summa – Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden – A new standalone set in the Heart of Crown Series. Heart of crown features an innovative mix of classic deckbuilding mechanics. It offers ones of the highest levels of strategic choices that evolve as your deck takes shape. This keeps the game exciting from start to finish. It has quickly become one of my groups favorite deckbuilding games ever in a collection of over 70 deckbuilders that get played constantly.

Dust in the Wings – Board & Dice

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 4

Josh Hale – Having first seen Dust in the Wings a few months back, I loved the chill mancala mechanic that makes the players look ahead a few turns. There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding a huge grab, and getting it. Equally, nothing is quite as maddening as your seven year old daughter ruining your huge find, for a small score, this preventing your huge grab. I think she meant to do that… Board & Dice has had a brilliant 18 months. They have become one of my favorite publishers, and I am interested is seeing them on more top tens. It means the magic continues.

The Cult of Barnacle Bay – Panda Cut

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 5

Kevin Billman – The Cult of Barnacle Bay, by Panda Cult Games, is the first offering from a new studio of CMON vets. It is a co-op campaign driven dungeon crawler/adventure game with great components and miniatures. The next game is with the Shovel Knight IP…they are going to be a publisher to keep your eye on.

Shōbu – Smirk & Dagger

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 6

Rachel Blaske – Shobu, by Smirk and Dagger Games, is a sleeper hit of elemental elegance. The components, being stone and wood, really communicate the organic feel. Shobu is an abstract 2 player game that rivals the simplicity and beauty of the likes of Tak and chess.

Legendary Forests – Iello

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 7

Ally Parker – Legendary Forests is a fantastic tile laying game. Players all lay the same tile each turn, but each world becomes very different by the end of the game. This game is as much zen as it is competition. It is great to see what everyone does.

Megacity Oceania – Hub Games

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 8

Jordan Macnab – Megacity has a fantastic way of tapping into your creative side and encourages you to think outside of the box while you try to build these abstract buildings out of various components randomly picked out of black bag. All players are working together to build this megacity that floats but also get as many points as possible to win by completing missions… I say missions but they are more like building plans that the city managers want you to create. So a building might have to consist of nothing but glass or be a certain height etc. But just building the structures isn’t where the challenge ends… you then have to push them in place as if they were floating units. If it collapses, you have to start all over again. It was so much fun.

World Shapers – Board & Dice

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 9

Ben Parker – World Shapers is a fast paced card drafting game. Place compete to shape the best world. The card combinations and art really make this game stand out. World Shapers is very strong as a two player game and I am always on the look out for great two player experiences.

UBoot – Ares Games

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 10

Kevin Billman – U-Boot by Phalanx Games has a great table presence. Slightly intimidating simulation-style play cooperative play is very rewarding. There is a lot to learn, but once you do it really flows. It contains both single missions and a linked campaign.

Mystery House – Cranio Creations

2019 Origins Top 10 Games 11

Steve Mayne – Mystery House is a 3 dimensional app driven escape room. A physical representation of the house is used to explore rooms, solve riddles and find items that are represented in a deck of cards. The game comes with different stories that can be played through.


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