Vegas Wits & Wagers – Preview

Vegas Wits & Wagers - Preview 1

What is it?

Vegas Wits & Wagers is a new expansion to Wits & Wagers Party Edition launching on Kickstarter Saturday the 19th, that gives increased options for betting with the intention of bringing a little of that Vegas atmosphere to your party. I received an advance copy of the project at Gen Con 50 for preview.

Background – Wits & Wagers Party Edition

Vegas Wits & Wagers - Preview 2For those unfamiliar with the base game, I’ll give a brief overview of those game rules first to better illustrate the changes afforded by this expansion. Wits & Wagers is a game for a minimum of four players and can theoretically play any number of players on the top end so long as you split into teams. The game comes with six player/team boards.

Play revolves around guessing the answers to obscure number-related trivia questions. Players will try to guess the answer. Once every team has submitted a guess, players then place their bidding tokens on the answer they think is the closet, without going over. There is always an Elvis card that guesses “1.” They may place both tokens on the same answer or split them up, and are not required to place tokens on their own answer.

Afterward, poker chips are given out: on chip to the player/team who wrote the winning guess, one chip for a $100 token on the winning guess, and two chips for a $200 token on the winning guess. The Elvis board pays double. Play continues in this manner until the 7th round, when players may place their previously earned poker chips under their betting tokens to increase the potential payout if they so choose, but the chips are lost if placed on the wrong answer. The team with the most chips at the end, wins.

The Party Heads to Vegas

Vegas Wits & Wagers - Preview 3Vegas Wits & Wagers - Preview 4

The Vegas expansion does a few things to spice up the betting and improve the overall experience. The first thing players will notice is the new, double-sided neoprene playmat. The other is that all seven of the dry erase boards are reprinted on a taller card that fits nicely onto the elongated spaces on the new neoprene mat. One side features a gigantic version of the Wits & Wagers board and has two neoprene pieces to cover certain slots, described in the Vegas rulebook.

Vegas Wits & Wagers - Preview 5

The other side features the new Vegas board with increased betting options. Answers are still ordered lowest to highest, but now the payouts get better as you move toward the extremes, far left (red) and far right (black), and players can use extra chips under their betting tokens starting in the second round. Additionally, players can either bet on red or black as a whole for a smaller payout. Along the right edge of the board is the long shot track. After guesses have been written, but before they are revealed, players may bet on which player/team they think will have the winning answer. Only bidding tokens may be used on the Long Shot track. Players may not add poker chips this bet. If the bet wins, it pays out at 10 to 1!


If you already have Wits & Wagers Party Edition, then the Vegas expansion is a great add that you are going to want to check out. The neoprene mat is give a great feel to placing and collecting chips, the new boards go great with the new board, and the increased betting options add nice variety to the traditional gameplay. Of course, if you prefer the original format, the neoprene mat facilitates that in great fashion and so is worth considering. North Star Games are also selling the question packs from Deluxe and Family Wits & Wagers on their website if you want more questions for your collection. Vegas Wits & Wagers is live on Kickstarter.

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