Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber Ep 0

Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber Ep 0 1
This is a game! Come play by voting.

We’re playing a game and we want you to join us! This is the Prologue to “The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber” a comic strip powered by terrible democracy. It’s sorta like a pick your own adventure, but we all play together.

Minnesota game company Fight in a Box (Squirrel or Die, Hedgehog Hop, Processing) misses playing games with everyone so they created this. The voting starts in two weeks with Ep 1. Every choice will permanently be reflected in Fight in a a Box’s next title – Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber.

There’s 12 episodes plus this prologue and a test vote up now just for fun. We’ll be posting one every two weeks and each vote will affect then next episode and the world.


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