Andromeda – Galakta – Review

Andromeda - Galakta - Review 1
Ben Parker
Ben Parker

Theme&What is it?

Tech That Time Forgot

In the far distant future there is a galaxy that has found a workable peace among all races. Harmony, usually, is found on all worlds and all feels a sense of cooperation. Until…wait…what is that out there floating around in space. Wow! An old space craft. But the most interesting thing is the technology on the craft. Nothing like this has been seen before, at least not for millennia. This tech can change the universe. The planet that controls the tech will tip the balance of power and become the most powerful race in the galaxy. Now it is a mad dash to get to that ship and control the technology.
Andromeda is a dice rolling/area control game for 2-4 players.

Not Too Heavy, Not Too Lite

Learning the game did not take much time. Setup was straightforward and so was teaching it. We had a two-player game up and running in about 15 minutes. We did spend some time looking through the rulebook the first two or three turns, but after that we were comfortable enough to only need to look up what individual rooms did.
The game went by quickly. The pace was fast. We did not have much down time with two players. There might be more downtime between turns with more players. But overall, we had a good time and the game ended up being very close.



All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Control The Ship

Each player selects an alien race. The races all have unique abilities that can help determine strategies. After that, the spaceship is setup with rooms being placed upside down until they are explored. Players will explore the ship and try to control rooms by having the most aliens in a room. Players have individual mission cards that they can use to score points and there are mission cards laid out that any player can complete. Between these and the room points the first player to 7 wins.
At the beginning of a round a player roles all of the dice and then splits them and offers them to a player along with the turn order. The player can refuse and the offer will be made to the next player. The dice allow players to perform various actions like recruiting new aliens and adding aliens to the ship. There is a dice face that kills aliens and a face that lets you move aliens in the ship to explore areas or try to control rooms.
As players explore and gain control of rooms, they will unlock special room actions. There are also special technologies that will help players in the game. Once the ship has been explored, rooms controlled, and missions accomplished the first player to reach 7 points wins.

Well Built

All of the components are well crafted. The little alien minis are fun. I do wish that each color had a different mini, but molding costs may have lead to the choice to produce different colors of the same mini.
The tiles, cards, and dice are all top notch. The custom dice are really cool and help the game have its own feel by tying the theme into the experience.



Cool Aliens

The game artists did a great job world building. The races are unique and all look really great. The ship rooms each have their own character and tie in with the room’s abilities. Sci-fi fans will connect with the art and find it familiar without it copying anything.

Dice, Dice, And More Dice

The fun factor in Andromeda is the dice. The dice determine what you will be doing that turn and with everyone grabbing dice from the same pool, you can have fun messing with people. 
There are plenty of choices to make when choosing dice and this can lead to strategic turns or turns that you may feel are totally wasted based on the dice that you end up with. That is part of the appeal of dice, the randomness that they bring to a game.



10+ If They Get It

Andromeda is recommended for 10+. My gut felling is that 14+ might be a more reasonable age range. There is some strategy with creating and placing new pieces and with selecting which dice to pair together to create combos that help you or hinder other players. I did not try with my kids, I figured it would be frustrating for them because they were not able to work through some of the complex strategies.
There are some good mechanics and strategy to keep players interested. There are plenty of alien races with unique characteristics that will keep each game fresh.

Not For Everyone And That’s OK

There are some cool things happening in Andromeda. The recruiting and area control is pretty cool, but the real stand out in this game is the I-Split-You-Choose aspect of the dice. Being able to split the dice and mess with other players strategies is really fun and can even be more entertaining win the split backfires in the splitting players face.
While I don’t think Andromeda is for everyone because of this mechanic, players who get it will really love it. Games should be varied because of the different alien race abilities and the various technology cards and with having dice involved there is always an element of chance to make things crazy. If this sounds interesting to you, then you should check out Andromeda. 



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