Ardillas del Bosque (Forest Squirrels) – Atomo Games – Review

Ardillas del Bosque (Forest Squirrels) - Atomo Games - Review 1
Matthew Kearns
Matthew Kearns
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Theme&What is it?

Gather ‘dem nuts!

It’s autumn and you need to hide your nuts from the other squirrels so you can find them during winter.  Once winter comes along, you have to find your nuts, but watch out for the other forest creatures as they may not help you.  On your journey you may find nuts left by other squirrels or turn over a leaf to find poo.

More than meets the eye

Ardillas del Bosque is both a memory and set collection game that will test your deviousness. Will the other squirrels find your nuts or nothing? It’s cute and simple but has a bit of replayability when the kids beg for you to play again.



Hide the Nuts, Find the Nuts

The goal of Ardillas del Bosque is to have the single largest collection of nuts.

Arrange a number of forest tiles based upon the number of players, matching the specific fruit in the corners and the center. Each player takes a set of leaf tokens based upon the forest tile closest to themselves and shuffles them with the leaf side up. The forest creature tokens are put to the side.

There are two phases to gameplay: Autumn and Winter. During Autumn, the players take turns looking at one of their player tokens in secret and then placing it in one of the hiding spots on the forest tiles. During Winter, the players take turns selecting a token from the forest tiles, turn it face up, and follow instructions based upon the type of token.

When all the tokens are gathered, compare your sets of nuts collected.

Other Info
There are a number of options and variants of play to keep the game fresh and exciting as the kids get older. There is even a mode for playing the game with kids younger than 6 as well.

Nothing more, nothing less

The game is made up of cardboard tiles and tokens.  They are made with the same type of stock and a fairly durable paper laminate.



Cute little forest animals

The art of this game is spread out throughout the components and handbook.  Lots of variation and certainly plenty of cute little forest animals to look at.  Hope to see this artist contribute to more games.

Nut collection

The primary aspect is trying to collect nuts, making this a good teaching game.  But, when you’ve got a poo token in the mix, all bets are off, especially with kids.  Plenty of jokes and hey, why not have another prize for the one who gets the most poo?



Hits the spot

The age range says 6+ and the weight is perfect for them.  The use of memory and the different options for playing the game keeps it interesting for the young ones and the older ones as well.

Watch out for the poo!

Ardillas del Bosque is a great little game to pass some time with the younger kids along with a teaching tool for practicing memory techniques.  Not many pieces so it’s easy to clean up.  The many playing variants keep the game fresh and want to be played.



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