Bears vs. Babies Review

Bears vs. Babies Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Is a simple, cute-in-a-gory-kinda-way, card game that is deck-building in the sense that you build monsters that fight with baby monsters. Each player starts off with the head of a bear (hence the name of the game) that they can then build into a monster. For example, with “In a delightful Leotard” body, a T-Rex arm, and “Who wears terrific boots” legs.

Bears vs. Babies Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Each monster and baby card has a point value and a category. The points are used in combat: highest total points wins. The categories are Land, Sea, Sky. Combat takes place between monsters and babies of the same category. The head of the monster determines the category of the whole monster. Bear heads are wild in the sense that they are all three categories.

Every monster starts off with a head. The player then draws cards until they either get another head, or a torso body part, which they can then attach to a head. Most torsos allow for the attachment of arms and legs.

Initial Impressions

The game comes in a super-cute furry box, which has distant visual appeal: You’ll recognize this game on a shelf.

Bears vs. Babies Review 3

Quality of Components and Insert

The rules are straight-forward and fun and quick to read. The game board is cloth-based.

The components are of reasonable quality.

Bears vs. Babies Review 4

Bears vs. Babies Review 5

Artistic Direction

The artwork is cute-in-a-gory-kinda-way that is appropriate for many children.

Fun Factor

I enjoyed playing this game a few times with adults and would play it a bunch more times with children.

Difficulty and age range suggestion

Although listed as being appropriate for ages 10+, the game mechanic is simple enough for children who are able to count to ten.



This is a simple game that is geared for light fun.

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