Bestiary 3 for Pathfinder – Review



You have discovered a tome…

Bestiary 3 is a Pathfinder sourcebook focused entirely on adding monsters/creatures for Game Masters to fill their worlds with. The book is a compact list of different creatures from various mythologies and fantasy settings.

Bound in hide…

Monsters. It includes selections from past fantasy games that have been absent from Pathfinder to help round out more traditional gaming monsters. It also includes a smattering of monsters from different mythologies there are several Asian, Mayan, and Norse creatures. Not enough to be their own pantheons but enough to give a setting an okay flavor of beastie.

WhatDoesn’t itAdd?


Age worn pages…

It offers no errata or rules editions so the rules remain unchanged.

Detailed sketches fill its pages…

This is going to depend on whether or not you want more monsters or options for you campaign. If yes, then this is a pretty good addition.

Do IWantThis?

These are the creatures of this land…

Again this depends on your current opinion. If you feel like you have enough options I don’t know that there’s anything here calls for this.

Do IWantThis?

Whatdo i think?

This may prove useful n your travels.

Overall the book is a nice addition and will give you some interesting options for your campaign. The few monsters from various mythologies were a nice addition though I would have preferred a book dedicated to Asian myths and monsters, as well as one for Norse, Mayan, and Fairy monsters. There are a lot of creatures that could have been added and made their own books.

On the other hand if you want something a bit unique and are looking for some inspiration this might give you a few fresh ideas. I can’t really say whether or not you have to have this one. I know that when I started playing RPG’s I bought every book for every game I played because I felt I had to have all of the information on hand. As I’ve grown in playing I’ve come to rely less and less on these things.

My final take on this is that there’s nothing here that’s off putting or bad and yet there was nothing here that made think this was a must add book. It is a list of monsters and their stats. Based entirely on that sentence you probably know if it’s for you.

Until next time, stay safe and be well.


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