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Publisher: The Creativity Hub

Game Type: Card Game, Party Game

Designer: Henri Kermarrec

Initial Year of Release: 2017

Artist: Rob Dalton and Winnie Shek

Theme and What is It?

Have you ever played a card game and thought that it would be cool to create your own cards to go with it? With the game Blank, you can do just that. Initially, 75% of the cards are blank and players create the game as they go. Blank is an easy and stress-free game.

Gameplay Mechanics

There are two types of cards: rule cards and game cards. Three rule cards always start face up for each game. These rule cards will have abilities that affect the game when certain game cards trigger them. Each game card will be one of six colors and also have a number between 1 and 6.

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On your turn, you must play at least one card matching either the color or number of the previously played card but you can also play more than one. For example, if the card on top of the discard pile is a blue 3, then you are allowed to play all of your blue cards at once or all of your 3 cards at once. The player chooses which card is now on top. In addition to possibly activating some of the rule card abilities, playing your game cards can also trigger certain effects during the game. If you cannot play a card, you must draw one. This is called a penalty. Playing a card incorrectly will also result in a penalty. There are no “backsies” in this game. If you don’t play the correct card(s), you take a penalty. There are other ways to take penalties in the game that I won’t elaborate on here.

Each round of the game ends when a player is out of cards. At this point, the winner now creates a new card. This can be either a rule card or game card. Players can determine how many rounds they will play.

Initial Impressions

When I first looked the game over, I immediately thought Uno with imagination. Although it is similar, it has slightly different mechanics that separate it from Uno and other games in that genre.

Game Build Quality

There is not much to the game build. It is a card game and the cards are well made. They have a smooth, matte texture so that players can write on the cards easily. The game did not come with its own marker. We used a Sharpie pen and there have been no smudges.

Artistic Direction

There is not much artwork to the game because 75% of the cards are blank. The cards that do have pictures look like sketches you might see in a children’s book. Most of the cards are completely blank leaving a lot of room for imagination. However, some cards have a picture with no text to help aid players when creating new cards (see pictures for examples).

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Fun Factor

I liked the game. It is a good filler and encourages the use of imagination and creativity which is a good thing especially with children. Although my regular gaming group enjoyed the game, it is not something they are going to want to play all the time given the choice of games we already have. However, I am really interested in introducing it to my family who I believe will enjoy it more because it reminds me of games that we grew up with. The more cards we create will eventually open up many possibilities for gameplay.

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The age suggestion is 6+. I can stand behind this. Any child that can play Uno could play this. That being said, it may take a little more advancement on the card creation, but that is something that could be aided and not affect gameplay.


Overall, I think the Creativity Hub created a solid game. I like the idea that you could have different copies of the game and make them all unique. There is a space on the cards to identify different decks so they could even be mixed. This could create quite the game when mixing different players styles of imagination. My last picture shows some examples that my group created. One of my group members, James, decided to make a Cthulhu themed card and it is quite brutal but should make the game interesting.

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