Blank Slate by USAopoly Review


Blank Slate by USAopoly Review 1

Publisher: USAopoly

Game Type: Word Party Game

Designer: Robert A. Kamp

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: N/A

Theme and What is it?

Blank Slate is a group party game. It’s a race for players to come up with words that others might not guess. You do want to match words with one other person, because that is where the most points are scored.

Blank Slate by USAopoly Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Each player receives a whiteboard, with a color that corresponds to the score tracker, and a dry erase marker. A player pulls a card and holds it up for the other players to see. The card has a word on it with a blank either before or after the word. Players write down an answer they feel goes well with the word that is shown. If exactly two players write the same word, each player earns 3 points. If more than two players write the same word, each player earns 1 point. If a player is the only person to write a unique answer that no one else has, they get zero points. Once a player has reached 25 points they are the winner.

Initial Impressions

My first thought was how great the directions were: short, simple and to the point. The game kept us all engaged and interacting. I am all for games that make you laugh and also make you question your answer. The first group I played it with, loved it! I enjoyed it so much that I organized a google hang out with other writers from, and I played it with others who lived in different areas of the world. It is an easy game to modify: some of us used a white board and others used a sheet of paper. So far everyone I have played it with has really enjoyed it.

Blank Slate by USAopoly Review 3

Game Build Quality

There was a lot of thought in the quality of this game. The box is sturdy and has a spot for everything (which is a big deal to me, I like boxes that keep the game pieces organized and not flopping around) The scoreboard is nice and thick and the cards are durable. It comes with its own markers with a small eraser on top, and the white boards are cute and the markers write well on them. After a lot of use, the boards will start to have marker residue, which is bound to happen during play, nothing a wet cloth can’t fix.

Blank Slate by USAopoly Review 4

Artistic Direction

Artistically there is not a lot happening with the game. They do have it themed to look like a chalkboard, and that theme is used on the box, score board, cards and around the edges of the player boards. I like the look and the idea behind it! They did a good job keeping the theme through-out the whole game.

Blank Slate by USAopoly Review 5

Fun Factor

This party game is super easy to learn and everyone is involved the entire time. Everyone writes their answer down on their boards at the same time. It is fun to see what everyone writes. People can get pretty creative or silly. Let’s not forget about the cute and tiny boards you write your answers on!

Age Range & Weight

Blank Slate is for players 8 and older. I feel like this is a good age range for this game. Some of the word options the younger players may not know. They also may not know what some of the words are, or how to fill in the blank to complete a word.

Blank Slate by USAopoly Review 6


Blank Slate is a great option to add to your games for group game nights. It keeps everyone engaged, it is very easy to teach, it provides lots of laughs and it is still competitive. I like how the game flows and how it makes you think outside of the normal answers. You never know who might think the way you do…what ______minds think alike?


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