Cabo – Bezier Games – Preview


“For the art alone, you need this in your collection!”

Publisher: Bezier Games

Designer: Mandy Henning

Designer: Melissa Limes

Artist: Agus Muqith

Game Type: Trick Taking, Hidden Information, Misinformation, Card Game Golf

Initial Year of Release: 2019 (2010)

Age Range: 8+

Expected Playtime: 45 Mins

Number of Players: 2-4

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 1

Theme and What is it?

You are a spy, and you do not have all the information you need in order to report to your government the secret things that your enemy is doing. In classic governmental fashion, your own government has also not given you all the information you need on your side.

Honestly, the game is about finding a mythical unicorn. But… there are spies on some of the cards, trench-coat and all, so it made me think of a spy game, with Unicorns!

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Each round you will be dealt four cards, face down. Look at two. Two will remain hidden. Each player is dealt 4 cards, and four places are always dealt, even if only two players are playing.

This allows you to peek when you are dealt spy cards. It also gives you more cards to swap. Ultimately the round can be ended very quickly, as it ends after a person on their turn says Cabo. Each person counts their cards, and if the Cabo caller had the lowest number, they score zero points. If they did not, they score the face value of their cards, plus 10. 

Each turn, you either pull a card from the deck, take a card from the top of the discard, or say Cabo. When the first person reaches 100, the game ends, and the person wit the lowest score wins. The game comes with a score pad, I used my phone.

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 3

Initial Impressions

The game was sent for review, and like a lot of Americans, I saw a small box, and therefore saw a “small game”. 

I am the first to admit, sometimes I’m a dummy. I did not give the game a fair shake on the basis of box size. This is sheer idiocy on my part. After you have done as many reviews/previews as I have done, you’d think my reptilian brain would understand box size doesn’t matter. Motion of the ocean and all that…

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 4

Game Build Quality

This is a card game, actually uses a 52 card deck. You could feasibly play with regular cards. However, this game’s charm is that it was able to use something we are all used to, and make it new. 

Therefore, the deck is nice, and feels good. It allows light to pass through, but for the most part, it is irrelevant. It is made, exactly as it should be made, and quality is great.

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 2

Artistic Direction

How does one add anything to an old 52 card deck? They add gobs of beautiful art and theme. 

Here, Agus, added art so beautiful that if you don’t like it, you are just plain wrong. The deck has been made into a thing of beauty. I love that it is so well thought out, and the theme feels new and unique, on something familiar. 

For the art alone, you need this in your collection. I am a self-professed art nerd, and somethings look nice. This is a thing that should be framed. The only thing that I would have liked to see is slightly different art on each of the same numbers. Here, all 12’s are the same. Slightly different art would have made the game frame-able, but then, I’d need two of the game.

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 6

Fun Factor

The game is mean, quick, and crucially, can be played by non-gamers just as easily as die-hard strategists. 

It is such a nice mix of levels of play, that I can completely understand why Bezier wanted Cabo to be reprinted with much more thematic art. 

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 7

Age Range & Weight

8+. The age range seems just about right. My daughter is 7, and she gets the game, but has a hard time remembering cards in a game above two players. 

Beyond that the theme is just so doggone charming, all 8 year olds likes unicorns… right?

Cabo - Bezier Games - Preview 8


Games are not valuable based on box size. I need to repeat that mantra over and over. Some of my favorite games in the past few years have been small boxes. 

Yet, I still do the same thing, I gloss over their value. It’s dumb on my part. 

This has immediately went to my top shelf. In fact, it goes in my travel bag. This game will never leave my side, this is my game, my preccccccious… 

Bezier has a fantastic pocketable game here. I wish they will make an even smaller truly pocketable version, as the box is a bit big for that. I am aware, just how hypocritical I sound, by asking for a small box. I also know, this game will get a lot of play if I have anything to say about it, and luckily, I do.


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