Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review


Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 1

Publisher: Gamewright Games

Game Type: Cooperative Card Game

Designer: Ken Gruhl

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Ken Gruhl

Theme and What is it?

Cahoots is cooperative card game where players try to complete all the goals before their cards run out. Players must be in cahoots with each other to make it through the goals and beat the game. If they get out of sync, then it’s “so long and thanks for all the fish.”

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Cahoots is a cooperative game in which players play cards onto one of four piles matching either the color or the number. The players are given a series of goals they need to accomplish without saying what is in their hand.

Players are dealt 4 cards face down and 4 cards in the middle of the table, with a draw pile next to it. They are then given 3 goals to work on using the 4 cards in front of them. Goal cards will say things like “the sum of all pink cards is 10”, “purple is half as much as green” or “three orange piles”. Players work to accomplish a goal by laying down one of their cards that matches either a color or a number on one of the 4 cards in the middle of the table. Once completed, a new card is taken from the draw pile. The game is won by completing all of the goals. If the goals are unable to be completed, the game is lost.

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 3

Initial Impressions

The first-time playing Cahoots was a lot of fun. We enjoyed it so much that when we finished the game, we started over and played again. Each time we played it, there were different goals to complete so it didn’t feel repetitive.

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 4

Game Build Quality

Cahoots is an all cards. The cards are thick and durable, and they can hold up through lots of games. The box is very nice and will do well traveling; however, it is a little big to take with you to play games at a restaurant. You can throw the cards into a bag and take them along, no problem. All in all, it is a quality product.

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 5

Artistic Direction

I think the art is fun. It’s simple, bright, and not the normal primary colors. Cahoots is simple in its art, but it still gets your attention. The colors pop and are bright and cheery.

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 6

Fun Factor

I enjoy co-op games and this one is simple, easy to understand and enjoyable. It’s great to have a good group to play with because you can visit and chat while the game is playing out. It’s also nice because you can add or take away goals depending on how easy or challenging you would like the game to be.

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 7

Age Range & Weight

The age Range for Cahoots is 10+ with 2-4 players. I think if someone younger than 10 understands the logic of the rules and what the tasks mean, a younger player may be able to play it.

Cahoots by Gamewright Games Review 8


Cahoots is a simple to understand game that has a comfortable feel to it. You feel really proud when you complete a goal and super frustrated a few rounds later because a goal hasn’t been completed yet. The game can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on how well the group plays in “Cahoots” together. It’s a fun, feel good, simple game that anyone can pick up and play. Plus, it’s always fun to ask if anyone wants to play “Cahooooooots!!”


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