Cargolino Valentino – Viravi Edicions – Review

Cargolino Valentino - Viravi Edicions - Review 1
Ally Parker
Ally Parker

Theme&What is it?

The Great Snail Race

Calling all snails, the race is about to start! Time to show off your slow talents to win the game! Be the last to cross the finish line and take home the trophy!

Faster Than Actual Snails

The game is colorful and cheery and it makes me feel happy. It is fun because it is fast paced, simple and the dice helps make the game move fast as you make your moves. 



Being Slow Is The Best

Players take turns racing their snails. The whole point of the game is to have the slowest snail in the game. Each player is randomly assigned a snail that they keep secret from other players. On a player’s turn they roll dice and move either the snail that matches the color on the dice or they move a snail onto a flower that matches the color of the dice. They need to do this and be very sly so others do not figure out which color snail they are. Once a snail has crossed the finish line, the slowest snail on the board is the winner!

Feels Good

The components for Cargolino Valentino are super sturdy. The snail cards and snails are cardboard thickness and would take a lot to get damaged. The point tokens are not as thick and sturdy. The game board is heavy duty and can be played many times without wear and tear occurring. 



Looks Good

The board is so colorful and detailed. For just having various flowers and leaves there is a lot of effort and detail put into the board. The snails are cute with the art showing their different personalities. 

Deception Is Always So Much Fun

Not knowing who is who makes for an interesting game.  Because the goal is to be the last snail to cross the finish line, you have to be sneaky with your moves so no one becomes suspicious of you while you are trying to make the other snails cross the finish line first. 



Not Quite A 5+ Game

Cargolino Valentino is a 15-20-minute game that can be played with up to 6 players ages 5 and up. I think that kids any younger than 5 would not have the attention span to play two rounds, and they may not understand the concept of not wanting to be the first across the finish line. 

Family Fun

If you are looking for a fun game that has simple directions and is an easy game for kids to play, then you want this game on your shelf. It’s colorful, fast-paced, and easy to learn. 



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