Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review


Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 1

Publisher: Elzra Corp

Game Type: Fantasy, Dexterity

Designer: Arwon West

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Kwanchai Moriya

Theme and What is it?

In an alternate reality of the Event Horizon, the spirits of legendary champions from the past are given a last chance to conquer their darkest fears. Catacombs Conquest is an introduction into the Catacombs world. This is a standalone title so players can become familiar with the dexterity game mechanics. This version takes the dexterity game mechanics and mixes it with a card game component. The game can be played with 2-4 players.

Gameplay Mechanics

Catacombs Conquest has a very simple setup. Players assemble the walls and place the obstacles in their initial locations.

Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 2

The game is played with two teams. If playing with two players, each player controls both characters for that team. If playing with three players, the single player plays with both characters for that team.

The characters for each team are setup in the corners of the play area.

Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 3

During a players turn, they draw one card from their team’s deck. Then, the player chooses a card from their hand to play. The player performs the shot sequence and/or abilities on their card and then discards the card. The player then performs a rush shot using any obstacle disc.

The shot sequences on a players turn are different dexterity actions that require flicking discs in the play area. When characters take hits, they remove health tokens from their pool. Whenever their pool is empty, the opposing team wins.

Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 4

Initial Impressions

Dexterity is not my favorite mechanic. This is probably because I am not very good at it. So, it is needless to point out that I was not looking forward to playing this one.

Game Build Quality

The components are well made. All of the discs, including the characters, are wooden. I thought this might make the “flicking” aspect of the game difficult but it probably made it better. The walls are thick, robust cardboard. The cards are made with high quality cardstock. The box is compact enough for travel.

Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 5

Artistic Direction

The artwork is very colorful and unique. It has a cartoonish look so it does not feel dark but it also plays well to the theme. One may say it appears too simple but the game is simple and the artwork reflects that.

Fun Factor

Based on my initial impressions, I did not think that I would enjoy this one at all. I do not like dexterity and this did not seem to have any strategy to it, which is what I enjoy. However, this did produce some good laughs with my group. These laughs were heavily due to my insane mistakes throughout the game, but if you can laugh at yourself then life is good.

Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 6

Age Range & Weight

The game is not difficult to play. You play a card and perform its flicking actions trying to eliminate your opposition. The age suggestion is 14+ but I think this is way too high. A younger audience would love the flicking actions in this game. The weight of the game is definitely light.


Catacombs Conquest by Elzra Corp Review 7

It is definitely not my favorite but that is because I do not enjoy most dexterity games. However, I did enjoy playing it with my group. It produced some laughs we would not have had otherwise. I barely touched a disc and it went flying across the play area. All I got was the “really?” look from my teammate. When we play this again, I am sure I will end up on a team with whoever drew the short straw. Catacombs Conquest is not for everyone but those that enjoy dexterity and flicking games will love it. The game is light and plays quick. It would be perfect for traveling.


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