Catch the Moon by Bombyx Review


Catch the Moon by Bombyx Review 1

Publisher: Bombyx

Game Type: (Worker Placement, Dice Drafting, Etc.)

Designer: Fabien Riffaud

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Designer: Juan Rodriguez

Artist: Emmanuel Malin

Theme and What is it?

Cross M.C. Escher with Pablo Picasso, and a great game designer, and you would find Catch the Moon.

Gameplay Mechanics

Catch the Moon by Bombyx Review 2In Catch the Moon, you are building an abstract montage of ladders. You roll a die, and either a new ladder must touch only one ladder, two or more ladders, or be the tallest. This is it.

It doesn’t sound hard, but balancing ladders sounds easier than it actually ends up.

Initial Impressions

Some games just have presence on the table. This game just looks so good, people gravitate to it, as did I.

Game Build Quality

The ladders are wood, the die is wood, and the base is plastic, and looks like a cloud. This is just superb craftsmanship. Each ladder is actually stained.


Artistic Direction

Ladders and a cloud. This should be just about the most boring artistic design ever, and yet, if you like beautiful abstract games, and or art, it has a simple beauty to it.

To evoke a feeling of beauty through the mundane, these artists found a way to allow the player do this, while not detracting from their artistic vision. Just so cool.

Fun Factor

I like games of balance if done well. This game fits right into the “done well” category. More than that, it is art every step of the way.

Age Range & Weight

Catch the Moon by Bombyx Review 3The game says 6+. My daughter is 6, and adores this game. The awe in her eyes is palpable.


I think Catch the Moon could be the sleeper game of Origins 2018. The beauty of watching the ladders grow is just second to none.

There were no other abstracts that caught my attention as did Catch the Moon. This game will definitely make my shelf, and will likely stay there for quite a while. I want other people to experience it, and if you like abstracts, even a little, this is a must own game.


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