Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event?


A bit more Chatty Meeples. Today we get to know our writers and other contributors with a quick look at gaming events. I asked for anything. From as general as GenCon to as specific as their first trip to a local game day. I enjoyed the responses. Leve a comment below, let us know what your favorite event was?

As with the other Chatty Meeples, I haven’t changed anything beyond a bit of grammar here and there.


When I ask these questions I usually already know the answer. I thought I was going to talk about the swell of pride from the Extra Life Marathon or maybe the sense of awe from my first GenCon. As I started to write, a story from even further back came to mind. It’s about the first convention I ever went to that was away from home. It wasn’t far; I didn’t even leave the state. Me and a couple friends; Scot and Jeff drove to Cincinnati to attend a local con. I don’t remember the name of the event or the school it was attached to. I remember it being the first time I ever went anywhere with just my friends. We played Shadowrun, Battle Tech, and a Gangster Game about prohibition. We were there for three days. On the way back we missed an exit and ended up taking the bypass and an extra four hours to get home. The only radio station we could pick up played show tunes. We were sleep deprived, exhausted, and broke as hell. It was an event I still tell stories about. Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 1Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 2


Origins – lots of industry people there to interact with, but a relaxed vibe with the attendees since it’s 50,000 less than Gen Con. The claustrophobia isn’t there, but the people and games are!


Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 3

My favorite gaming event is just inviting people over to marathon some things through the day. I normally get a few people to show up at 11 am and we play some heavy strategy game to get the day started then transition into a few fillers before someone has to leave in the afternoon. Then those that remain play a medium weight game that takes a few hours. By the time we finish that normal routine those getting off work in the afternoon and evening start to fill in. Then we play whatever games those players are most interested in and fill up the rest of the evening. All in all most of my home game days end up stuffing 10 hours of play in with between 4 and 10 unique players shifting in and out as their schedules allow. This is much more quality time at the table than any other event. Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 4Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 5


My favorite is probably that rare game day with my friends from HS/college. We play all day and eat like we’re teenagers with nary a care in the world.


I’ve been to conventions before but they were more of the “To Boldly Go” variety. It wasn’t until an impromptu to move to Milwaukee brought me to the 35th GenCon. On a lark and wife out of town, I went downtown to check it out. At the time I was more into tabletop RPGs and checked out the scene. The hall was glorious, given over to the game du jour EverQuest besides 3rd Ed. DnD, Magic, etc. Squads of Stormtroopers and Klingons we’re about “detaining” people, the ubiquitous chainmail bikini, and halls for all manner of gameplay. It was a blast and I so wanted more! It got my hopes up because that was also the last year it was to be held there, moving to Indianapolis the next year.
16 years later there I am sitting down on a shuttle bus next to some dude with huge bags of games Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 6Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 7

Zoe (Head Meeple Gameteer)

Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 8

(I) like origins, because it’s a nice day. (I’m) able to go off and able to maybe buy stuff. (I) get to hang out with people and maybe play on (my) phone. When the day’s all done maybe play a game or two. Get to meet new people and have fun.


My favorite gaming event is anything that doesn’t involve my two year old. Honestly, gameplay is even hard with the 10 year old because he lacks strategic insight on complicated games, so he loses frequently. I know some adults who struggle with losing at something. I love gaming with my kids, but there’s something about gaming with adults only that makes it feel more relaxed and more for ME. Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 5Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 10


We have a monthly game night and it’s awesome and I love it! I look forward to it each month. I think we stay up later and later as each month goes. Ben Ally and I host a game night each month. One for sure. It ends up being 3 or 4 of them. I try to make the one official night have a theme. Last time was Monster Vision because it was Friday the 13th. We have people from all over the valley come play. Some nights we have 8-10 people some nights we have 25. Either way is awesome. Being in Idaho makes it near impossible to attend any type of convention without busting the budget. Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 11Chatty Meeples 4: What is your favorite gaming event? 12

The final answer has a bit of hope for the future in it. I liked it and wanted to share the thoughts from our editor in chief and founder…


My favorite gaming event is the first PEEPLE of the MEEPLEgamers Convention. It hasn’t happened yet. But I have a belief it will. We now have nearly two dozen creators, some more active than others, but all a part of the MeepleGamers family. I truly hope we can as a group all one day get together, and enjoy each other over some laughs and drinks (non-alcoholic is acceptable). This is a community that has grown in such a rewarding way. I believe we can make this gaming event a reality. Though right now, it exists only in my head, and maybe in yours. PEEMEECon is waiting for your imagination.