Chatty Meeples #6: What’s Your Favorite Monster


This week on Chatty Meeples we dip into the Halloween season with a look at the monsters found in board games. Who are your favorites to play against or as? What monster do you love to see on the table?

As always, I’ve done nothing beyond a bit of spelling and grammar.

If you leave a comment with your favorite board game monster, then I’ll highlight a couple of answers at the top of the next Chatty Meeples.


I love monster games. I have tons of fun running around as a monster or slapping them down. The bigger the better. Give me an epic throw down any day of the week. That said, my favorite monster to put on the table is Kraken from King of Tokyo. I will take him and throw that beastie into the mix any time I get a chance. Release the Kraken!!!

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Chatty Meeples #6: What's Your Favorite Monster 2


My favorite monster on the table is a tie between Cthulhu and The Balrog from The Lord of the Rings Battle Game by Games Workshop. Playing Arkham Horror is a great pleasure of mine and even introduced to it at Halloween about a decade ago. The Balrog model, when done right is just one of the most spectacular models I’ve ever seen — doesn’t hurt that it’s Lord of the Rings as well.


I love to see any of the Nemesis from any of the Aeon’s End games hit the table. They are all unique, worthy challengers and require coordinated cooperation to defeat. They don’t go down easily, either — they can be very nasty!

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What board game monster do I like to see on the table? That has to be Anachrony. It itself is beast enough of a game to consider it a monster. But it is so cool to greedily borrow free resources from the future! It is equally cool but very satisfying to then later pay yourself back what you already used because you borrowed from yourself. And get rewarded for having given your past self stuff! In a less silly way of answering the question, I like seeing games where all


I think Cthulhu is way overdone in the board game industry, but everyone here seems to love him. One game publisher that took the Cthulhu theme and maximized its potential was Smirk and Dagger. Their Tower of Madness games is the best at capturing the Cthulhu mythos and maximizing its inherent creepiness. All the tentacles sticking out of the giant clock tower are amazing and very intimidating. That combined with the artwork allow the players to be caught up in the story and feel the sense of urgency that the game is trying to portray. Plus, Tower of Madness is basically Kerplunk on Cthulhu steroids.

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