Chatty Meeples #7: What’s a fun gaming podcast?


This week on Chatty Meeples was listening to our own podcast Long Distance Gaming and wanted to ask our writers what other podcasts they listen to. Here are their responses.

As always, I’ve done nothing beyond a bit of spelling and grammar.

If you leave a comment with your favorite gaming podcast, then I’ll highlight a couple of answers at the top of the next Chatty Meeples. Go ahead, we’re always looking for new things to listen too.

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Long Distance Gaming

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Man vs Meeple


I really enjoy Man vs Meeple’s Chit Chat podcasts. It’s lots of fun to hear their opinions and the group has a love of the hobby that comes through in their conversations. They also have a great group chemistry that shows a real connection between all of the hosts.


I listen Eat Chit & Dice some. Jondi has become a friend of MeepleGamers, and although I don’t get an opportunity often, I really want to support her efforts. You should look them up. These are middle-America dice chuckers, and that is, in my opinion, a great compliment

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Eat Chit and Dice

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Rahdo Talks Through

Jeremiah and Kira      

The podcast that I listen in on once in a while is the podcast done by Rahdo.


I like to watch the Watch It Played videos. Rodney does an excellent job teaching games without putting his opinions into the videos. When I’m deciding on a game i like to watch videos that don’t include opinions to influence me into certain games.

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Watch It Played Live Show

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I listen primarily to Ludology. The podcost is designed to discuss elements of game design. I started listening so I could be thinking about the right things working on my own design projects. But it has done way more than that for me. It has helped me evaluate what makes a game good when I play it, given me insight onto why my favorite games just keep working, and it has given me insight onto why some new exciting games only give that feeling for a few plays and then I don’t feel the desire to keep putting them on the table. Figuring out what makes the games tick helps me to look into new games and predict which ones will be short lived flame outs and which ones are well designed masterpieces I can get use of in my collection for years to come. We are entering the era of gaming where players will gradually become more discerning and cautious with their purchases.


I listen to So Very Wrong About Games, The Five By, Dice Tower News (except when Mandy & Suzanne are on – don’t enjoy them), Board Gamers Anonymous, and On Board Games.

Drew Caricature

So Very Wrong About Games