Chatty Meeples 8: Holiday Hopes


The end of the year is approaching and it’s time to ask our writers what sort of things they’re hoping the great Jolly One will bring them this year. What did all of our good little writers say?

As always, I’ve done nothing beyond a bit of spelling and grammar.

If you leave a comment with what you’re hoping to get this holiday season I’ll highlight a couple of answers at the top of the next Chatty Meeples.


I’m looking for Camel Up or Marvel Champions under my tree this year. Both games are great with families and should be tons of fun for everyone involved.

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Caverna and Wingspan

Chatty Meeples 8: Holiday Hopes 4


This year for Christmas I am hoping to get the Carcassonne big box. I have wanted to add expansions to the base game and thought this is a great way to do that and I can pass the base along to someone else so they can fall in love with it (since the big box comes with the base in it). I really do hope it shows up on Christmas morning, if not it will be very weird…since I bought it for myself.

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My Christmas Games Wishlist mostly consists of roll-n-writes and expansions! I have trained my mom quite well when it comes to purchasing games so I am sure all of these will be under the tree! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mary’s Christmas Games Wishlist:

On Tour

Welcome to with Spring and Summer expansion

Sushi Roll

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Defence Against the Dark Arts

Sagrada: Passion expansion

Fantasy Realms

Chatty Meeples 8: Holiday Hopes 8

Jeremiah and Kara

I’m hoping for Maracaibo by Alexander Pfister

Chatty Meeples 8: Holiday Hopes 9

My wife is hoping for upgrade tiles for various games, specifically for Root

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