Chatty Meeples 9: Dreams for 2020


2020 is upon us and I wanted to know what some of our writers Big, Impossible, Pie-in-the-Sky Dreams for gaming in 2020. I want huge, over the top, please, please, please dreams. I got a couple of responses. Some fun and some touching. Let’s see what we get.

As always, I’ve done nothing beyond a bit of spelling and grammar.

If you leave a comment with something you’re hoping for I’ll highlight a couple of answers at the top of the next Chatty Meeples.


I would love to see Fantasy Flight Games take their Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle-Earth app and release a similar game using the Star Wars license. I want to play in a narrative world with space combat, popular worlds, and fights against the dark parts of the Empire. I also want it to have full voice acting for the heroes using as many of the actual actors and Disney voice actors as they could get their hands on. I’d love for it to be released earlier rather than later but for something like this I figure it would be one of the shadow drops at Gen Con this year during their in flight report. Chatty Meeples 9: Dreams for 2020 1Chatty Meeples 9: Dreams for 2020 2


Pie-in-the-sky dreamin’ here is to get one of my game ideas fleshed out either playtest or ready for pitch to sell. Ever since joining up with MeepleGamers, I’ve been exposed to so many games that ideas have been percolating. Funny about it though is that the ideas I’ve come up with aren’t with mechanics I typically like to play.


My dream would be for Jamey Stegmaier and Ryan Laukat to work together to design and illustrate a game. These two make some of my favorite games. Ryan is my favorite board game illustrator. I can only imagine the possibilities. Near and Far with Stonemaier flair! Charterstone with Ryan’s illustrations. I don’t want to see their old games redone, I want to see a brand new game with the two collaborating to make a game that will blow my board game mind. Chatty Meeples 9: Dreams for 2020 3Drew Caricature


We’re hoping to get our fledgling game development business off the ground in a more significant way. We’ve already provided development services to 6+ games; we’re looking to do more — much more!

Jeremiah & Kara

Ok so my pie in the sky board game dream would be that Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier produces a game by Alexander Pfister. An Alexander Pfister game with top notch artwork and components would be out of this world! Also, if Jamey Stegmaier was a co-designer would be out of the world!
So yes, a Stonemaier produced Alexander Pfister board game :slight_smile:Chatty Meeples 9: Dreams for 2020 4


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