ColorFox – Helvetiq – Review


Publisher: Helvetiq

Game Type: Set Collection, Tile Placement

Designer: Martin Nedergaard Andersen

Initial Year of Release: 2016


ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

A game of color. Matches are actually quite arbitrary in this game. The match head is highly irrelevant. What is important is how the game plays.

You are collecting sets of 6 colored rainbow sticks, worth 21 points for the full set, 6 points less for 5 sticks, 5 points less for 4 sticks, you get the picture.

Simple, Abstract, Complete.

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Each turn, you will play one of three cards you have in your hand, trying to match perfectly as many colors as possible. If you are able to match more than one color, you can also force your opponent to trade you a color stick.

The gameplay is simple and elegant.

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 3

Initial Impressions

The box just did not make me want to play the game.

This may be a case of don’t judge a game by its cover…

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 4

Game Build Quality

Wood, and cards. Simple and well built components, much like other offerings from Helvetiq.

We had a few warped “matches” but it had no effect on the game, even aesthetically for me. So for me, the build is solid.

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 5

Artistic Direction

I have no doubt I will offend someone, but there is not much in the way of art here. The Andy Warhols of the world will say anything is art, and art is anything.

For me, the aesthetic was plain and simple, and I did not get tied to it at all, if anything, I found the match heads distracting. The game is about colors, not matches, unless it was a play on words and they meant “match”ing colors. If that was a play on words, I will have to discuss this with someone, and disagree with them coniferously.

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 4

Fun Factor

The fun of this game, is the logical joust, and the taking of colors from your neighbor. It can become mean quickly.

While it may not set the world of gaming ablaze, it is nonetheless a lot of fun.

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 7

Age Range & Weight

6+. I played this with my 6 year old, and she liked this game. The advanced stealing of matches didn’t happen, but she liked the matching mechanic.

It is a solid family game.

ColorFox - Helvetiq - Review 3


I have become a huge fan of Helvetiq. They are not trying to be mentally taxing in their offerings, instead, they are trying to create something memorable and fun.

They have done this, and I will play this game with my daughter many more times before the next game takes away the glitter of this, shiny shiny squirrel offering.

Thank you Helvetiq!


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