Congratulating Ally Parker!


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Ally Parker will pretty easily reach 3000 followers on Instagram by the end of this giveaway, and what was initially decided to celebrate 2500 followers, has turned into a race to see how fast 3000 followers see her for how cool she is.

In March, we celebrate National Women’s Month. Ally, being a woman, and part of the MeepleGamers family is one of our favorite women. Thanks for being part of the family!

This could not have been accomplished without you the reader, and without all of our MeepleGamers writers. In 2018, our writers completed the goal of 1 review per day. 365 reviews in 2018… that is INSANE!!! We also, have over 1000+ followers on Twitter, which has for the most part, been a place to post these new articles daily.

This means, YOU, the reader, are reading us daily… That is awesome, and we thank you for that. This giveaway is bring brought to you by friends at Iello Games, Bezier Games, Five24 Labs, Greenbrier Games, and Junk Spirit Games. Thank them all on their social media!

Thank you for being part of the MeepleGamers Family!

Follow Ally on Instagram!

the Ally Parker HOOOOOOOOGE Giveaway!

Follow Ally on Instagram!


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