Cryptid – Osprey Games – Review


Publisher: Osprey Games

Game Type: Deduction, Induction

Designer: Hal Duncan

Designer: Ruth Veevers

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Kwanchai Moriya

Theme and What is it?

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 1

We live in a world of unexplainable things. From the yeti, to the chupacabra, to the tardigrade, some animals or beings just cannot be explained. This game cannot answer the question of their existence, but it can tell you where they would live if they existed.

In this imagining of our world, these beings do exist. Your job, is to find them, before anyone else. You are likely doing it for altrusitic reasons, and it has nothing to do with you getting rich, I’m sure.

Gameplay Mechanics

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 2

You have one of two options in this game per turn, question or search. Question allows you to give little information away, and search forces you to give away clues that you have.

These are your ONLY two options. This makes this game quite elegant, as it generally dissolves analysis paralysis, based on your ability to do many things. The only question in this game, is a question of where. Frankly, you don’t even care about the who.

Initial Impressions

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 3

So, So, So pretty.

This game screams to be opened and played. Need I say more?

Game Build Quality

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 4Wood and cardboard, of a beautiful quality. Everything here is solid, including nice black core cards.

The quality of this game is very similar to other Osprey offerings, they put out high quality games, that just have a great table presence.

Artistic Direction

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 5

Kwanchai Moriya is everywhere it seems, with good reason. His art is superb, and paint brush kung fu is strong. It blows me away that even his choice of coloring, makes the game stand out.

I think Kwanchai Moriya has just scratched the artistic surface of what he is capable of, and that we will remember his name as a culture for a long time. This game is par excellent, and if you are a art nerd like me, the beauty of it is worth the price of admission.

Fun Factor

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 6

I like abstracts and deductive games. I think there is a pretty cool game with the right people at the table.

Age Range & Weight

Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 7

10+. There are only two possible moves. I think my daughter who is 6 at the time of this review, could feasibly play. The sticking point is figuring out the logic of the puzzle, without that trained inductive/deductive reasoning to help.

This turns this game into simply a guessing game, that many kids would like, but they may not be helping to “solve” the puzzle. But, if they enjoy building the map, it could still be enjoyable with them.


Cryptid - Osprey Games - Review 8

I want to L-O-V-E Cryptids. It is beeeyooootiful. I think anyone who doesn’t find it charming and beautiful is a bit cuckoo.

With that being said, we played several times. We could not find the Cryptid, we ran out of blocks and cylinders. I wrote to the publisher, and the response was that it was likely in our setup. I have to give Osprey the benefit of the doubt, and say “It’s not you, it’s me.” But, we all know what comes after that, the inevitable break-up.

I think for sure, this game should have an audience. The premise is simple, and game beautiful. I just know, for my purposes, if I have checked, double-checked, and triple-checked setup, and still cannot set it up correctly, I may not play it often.

You should definitely see it in action, if for no other reason, then seeing those moments of hearing, “nuh-uh, it has to be there!”


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