Cubeez – Blue Orange Games – Review


Theme and What is it?


Cubeez is a fast and furious logic game of making silly faces.  Its bright and colorful box is sure to lure your kids right into its mayhem.  

Did your mom every tell you not to hold a silly face too long or it would stick forever?  Well, it doesn’t matter in this game because once you capture the essence of an expression you’ll be moving right along to the next one.

Gameplay Mechanics


There is a bright and colorful deck of cards depicting a myriad of facial expressions in this game.  There are zany blocks as well.

Players take one set of three colored blocks and race to flip them the correct way.  The end result must match the current card.

Once a player thinks they’ve gotten the face just right, they grab the card.  If players find out they did it incorrectly, that player has to stay out of the current round while the remaining players have another chance.

This is a game about speed and spatial pattern recognition.  There are only 3 blocks per person, but many possible combinations.  The first player to collect 10 cards is the winner.

Cubeez - Blue Orange Games - Review 1

Initial Impressions


I was excited about this game because it looks wacky and colorful.  The colors really drew me in.

It is a kids game, and I saw my kids were drawn naturally to the box as well.  The cubes are irresistible.  You just feel like you need to grab them and play.

Cubeez - Blue Orange Games - Review 2

Game Build Quality


The cards are small but do their job.  They are decently thick but light does get through when held up to a bright source.  It is a little challenging to shuffle due to their size.

The blocks are really the stars of the show.  They are made of wood and painted well.  Every side has some part of a face on it.  They seem like they will hold up well over time (as long as the dog doesn’t use them as a chew toy).

The box is slightly bigger than the components.  This make everything easier to put it away.  Fitting it into the box is not another logic test.

Cubeez - Blue Orange Games - Review 3

Artistic Direction


There really isn’t much art to speak of.  The solid block colors really work well together.  They are bright, cheerful, and appealing.

The faces are simple black and white line drawings.  There are a variety of eyes and mouths which can be combined in numerous ways.

Cubeez - Blue Orange Games - Review 4

Fun Factor


Adults, you are going to need to slow down and let your kids be the stars of this game.  The younger ones are going to need some extra time to flip through the cube’s sides and find the right combination.

The fun in this game is seeing the joy on the kids’ faces when they can finish a face before you.  Just watch out for siblings of different ages wailing on each other.  I found my 9-year-old could get the faces completed much faster than the 7-year-old.  It created some friction.


Cubeez - Blue Orange Games - Review 5

Age Range & Weight


Cubeez is listed as a game for kids aged 6 and up.  I think this is a good age to start this game.  That isn’t to say a mature 5-year-old might be okay.

There are three blocks with many images on each side.  This game could frustrate a kid if it was introduced too early.  

There are teaching moments in Cubeez.  You can explain to a young kid to pick one part of the face and turn over each block until that image is found.  This will teach them some basic logic skills.



Cubeez is a cute and quick little game.  It is cheerfully colored and tactilely pleasing.

It is a fast game of pattern recognition.  It requires speedy hand eye coordination.  The more familiarization with the blocks the faster players are going to become.

This game is going to improve logic and pattern recognition skills.  Cubeez is a great way to keep your mind sharp and active.

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