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I’ve watched the last two years and enjoyed them immensely. I’m looking forward to this year’s event.

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Wizards of the Coast recently announced the dates for their annual Live Stream Event. The announced dates have the show starting on Friday May 17th through Sunday the 19th. The event will be hosted by Anna Prosser. It will appear on the D&D Twitch Channel. (Links above)

Several groups of D&D streamers have been announced for the event. These include: Dice, Camera, Action!; the Dragon Friends; Girls, Guts, and Glory; and the Uncommon Trust. Several individual guests: Mathew Lillrd, Patrick Rothfus, B. Dave Walters, and Deborah Ann Woll. There will also be members of the D&D creative team on hand: Chris Perkins, Mike Mearles, Kate Welch, and Jeremy Crawford. These are just a few of the groups and people who will be present during the stream a full list is linked to above.

There will also be a small set of tickets to attend the event. Badge holders will be able to play an advance session of the D&D Adventure league, attend the live streams as an audience member, and attend the closing ceremonies and concert. They will receive a swag bag featuring items from Wizards of the Coasts partners for the event as well as an advanced copy of the upcoming Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure. Tickets do have a hefty price tag of $300.

A portion of the event will revolve around the reveal of the upcoming story for the next year of D&D. According to the announcement the new Stream is called the Descent. What that means and how it will tie into the new story will make a fascinating conversation and theory craft sessions.

D&D Live 2019 Announced 1

Two years ago the Stream of Annihilation brought about a year of adventures in Chult. Last year’s Stream of Many Eye’s started the Waterdeep Dragon Heist and dovetailed into Dungeon of the Mad Mage. What the Descent will bring us is anyone’s guess. Though considering Ghosts of Saltmarsh’s release, an adventure set at sea, Descent could be taking us to the depths of the ocean a place I’m not certain D&D has ever spent a significant amount of time.

I’ve watched the last two years and enjoyed them immensely. I’m looking forward to this year’s event. In fact, I was literally looking for information on the event less than twenty-four hours before the announcement was made.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in? Are you going to be showing up in Person? Let me know in the comments.


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