Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly Review


Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly Review 1

Publisher: USAopoly

Game Type: Party, Social

Designer: Casey Sershon

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: NA

Theme and What is it?

Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly Review 2

I am Deadpool, I like chimichangas, and saying irreverant things, and breaking the fourth wall. I even like doing that in a review for my own game. Because, well, reasons.

In my game, I am put into all sorts of gnarly situations. (I used the word gnarly, because this is a family friendly site.) When I am put into these situations, you, the player will write something funny on a card that has a basic gist already written into it. He who most captures my essence, wins. Yuck, I can’t believe you want to capture or catch my essence, you’re gross.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Deadpool vs. The World, you are a player coming up withe the best lines that Deadpool may use if he were in the situation drawn. This leads to goofy silly, and probably gross over the top humor.

Pictured below is easily the most non-offensive pile of cards I could find.

Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly Review 3

Initial Impressions

I like Deadpool, and the humor that is his trademark. I wanted to enjoy this game.

The simple art added a lot of appeal for me. It allowed the game to take center stage.

Game Build Quality

The game is all cards, grease pens, and a box. It is functional, and works towards its goal of being a functional card game.

Artistic Direction

Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly Review 4The artwork on the WTF cards, truly WTF is their name, is great. It is comic art at its best. I very much liked looking at deadpool in his less than ideal circumstances. It humanizes Deadpool, puts him into situations that anyone of us could imagine seeing some idiot do on Youtube with the famous last words, “watch me do this!”

I love the graphic design, which, is just that which is necessary, and does not add any fluff. More games should take this light on its feet approach to graphic design. The less is more approach can so very often prove true. Deadpool vs. The World is no exception.

Fun Factor

I cannot get over how much the game is very much like other card based games. Some of those games are good, some not so much. For me, this falls flatly in the middle.

Age Range & Weight

This game describes itself at 17+, and unless you have a group that is ultra clean, I’d say that is very accurate. Our group, who did not know each other well, quickly devolved into something like the Lord of the Flies meets something quite crude that I will not even write here. What is pictured below, is before the game got crude. MeepleGamers takes no responsibility for people’s twisted minds.

Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly Review 5


I wanted and want to like Deadpool vs. The World. With so many games in this genre, standing out is hard. This game does that, quite explicitly. For that reason, I cannot recommend this to everyone.

If the other Cards game is not explicit enough for you, and you love Deadpool, this might just hit the spot. Deadpool’s aim may sometimes miss, but this game hits it audience, hard and between the eyes with something gross.


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