Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review


Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 1

Publisher: IDW Games

Game Type: Deduction, Logic

Designers: Jordan Goddard and Mandy Goddard

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: N/A

Theme and What is it?

Death Note: Confrontation is a two player deduction game. One player takes on the role of Kira, who is killing those that he sees are justified. The other player takes on the role of the legendary detective, “L”, who is trying to locate and seize Kira. They each have their own detailed notebook to help them along the way.

Gameplay Mechanics

There are two chapters in Death Note: Confrontation. In Chapters 1 and 2, players take the appropriate notebook for their character, their round A/B token and plastic search grid. Kira takes the Suspect cards and shuffles them and reveals one only to himself. Kira uses the plastic search grid on the map in his notebook to outline his home territory for his suspect. L takes the Lead cards and shuffles them. In Chapter 1, Kira needs to make 15 points worth of kills before L finds him to win the game. If L successfully identifies Kira, he wins.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 2

Each round of play has a day phase and night phase. During the Day Phase, the player L flips over the top Lead card to reveal two crime scenes: A or B. Kira and L secretly select A or B and then reveal simultaneously. If L chooses the same as Kira, then L gets to draw a Suspect card from the deck. This allows L to eliminate one of the suspects in her notebook who is not Kira. If L chooses incorrectly, then Kira successfully makes a kill and marks this kill on his notebook but not on the map.

The night phase is where L can really start to narrow down his search on Kira. L will roll the dice to determine what type of crime (stabbing, gunshot, bombing) can be on the nightly news. L calls out three criminals (numbers) and Kira has to kill one of them. Kira is allowed only two kills outside of his home territory. If the criminals on the nightly news are not in Kira’s home territory and he has already made two regional kills, then Kira cannot kill and it is a quiet night. L is only allowed two quiet nights before his trail has gone cold and Kira wins. By process of elimination, L can narrow down suspects by which criminals are killed by Kira at night. L can use his plastic search grid to help with elimination.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 3

In Chapter 2, the notebooks are more advanced. The notebook has the same amount of suspects but a lot more criminals for Kira to kill during the night making it more difficult for L. There are also bonuses that can be obtained during the game by Kira and L. Kira collects apples at crime scenes and L collects stars on suspect cards. Different bonuses cost different amounts. They fill these in on their notebook and when a bonus is full, they may use it one time only. Kira is allowed 3 regional kills in Chapter 2. Kira needs 20 points worth of kills before L finds him to win and L is only allowed one quiet night before his trail has gone cold.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 4

Initial Impressions

I am not into anime so I was very unaware of the theme. I have a friend that pointed out that it was a very good anime. I had heard some things around Instagram regarding this game and that it was amazing so I was very anxious to try because I love deduction games.

Game Build Quality

There is not much in the way of components: Two notebooks, three dice, and cards. All are good quality. Each notebook contains enough to play 24 games: 12 scenario 1 and 12 scenario 2. The notebooks can be copied easily to play more or I am sure the company has a way to purchase more notebooks, although I did not see it available on their website.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 5

Artistic Direction

Everything is concept art from the anime and is only displayed on the box and the tops of the card decks. There is no board or anything. Everything is in the notebooks mostly so there is no need for artwork or concept art anywhere else.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 6

Fun Factor

I enjoyed playing this game and will want to keep playing it because I have always been into logic/deduction games. Although the box is not very compact, the game could easily be condensed for travel. The game plays under 30 min and is very easy to setup.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 7

Age Range & Weight

The box suggests 15+. That is a safe age range to suggest. Chapter 1 plays easier than Chapter 2 so anyone that is used to playing basic Sudoku or Logic Puzzles should have no problem with Chapter 1. The rules suggest that when new to the game to have the youngest player start as Kira and switch roles later after players have more knowledge of the game. I would say ages 12 and up should be able to get through Chapter 1 with no issue.

Death Note: Confrontation by IDE Games Review 8


I cannot express enough how much I love deduction and logic games. I have a deduction game on my iPad that I play all the time and never get tired of it. I can sit and play it for hours while just listening to music. Death Note: Confrontation brings that enjoyment to a social environment while competing with someone. The only drawback is that it is a two player game, but if you are like me and have some other two player games, then other players can play those instead of waiting. Or, just have multiple games of Death Note going at once!


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