Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review


Publisher: Geek Attitude Games

Game Type: Dice, Racing, Area Movement

Designer: Joachim Thôme

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Pascal Quidault

Theme and What is it?

Dicium uses a central game mechanism with dice to take you on four different adventures. Yes, there are four games in one! Race your way through the Grand Canyon in CRAZY CUP. Help your fellow companions find the Goblin King’s crown before he returns to the throne in DUNGEON! Build cities, temples, and wonders to become the most powerful in CIVILIZATION. In SHOGUN, ninjas are sneaking into the palace and the samurai must try to stop them. All four games bring something unique to the table. This review will be solely for CRAZY CUP. Keep watch for the others soon!

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 1

Gameplay Mechanics

There are eleven Dicium dice. Each side has two features: a number and a color. On a player’s turn, they will roll their active hand shown on their player board. This is the number of dice they roll. The player combines the results of the rolled dice to activate two actions from their player board. Players can re-roll any of their dice before performing an action. The game turn follows the 2-2-2 rule: may roll the dice twice, may use two actions and may store 2 unused dice.

Number combinations can include a pair (s), straight, three of a kind, four of a kind, full house and five of a kind. Create color combinations from one or more of the same color.

In CRAZY CUP, players use the dice combinations to perform actions to move along the path, expand their vehicle, take shortcuts, play cards to obstruct their opponent’s path and prepare to defend their vehicle against their opponents’ attacks. As soon as a player reaches the start/finish space, they trigger the end of the game. The current round is completed and the player who stopped or crossed the start/finish space is the winner. There are tiebreakers in the event more than one player made it to the start/finish space.

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 2

Initial Impressions

We all know buying board games can become a major expense, especially if you have a slight addiction like my group and I. So when purchasing a game that includes four, it is worth checking out. The box art encourages imagination and draws you in.

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 3

Game Build Quality

There are many components in Dicium: game boards, player boards, dice, tokens, tiles, meeples, and cards. There are two game boards that are double-sided. There is one for each adventure in Dicium. The player boards are double-sided as well to support each adventure. The tokens and tiles are sturdy cardboard cutouts. The meeples and cards are good quality. It is easy to follow the rule book. I like how they explain the central mechanics first, and then they go into each individual adventure’s variations.

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 4

Artistic Direction

The artwork really makes Dicium pop. It also has a youthful feel to it. Sometimes games are taken way too seriously. I think the juvenile look to the art makes this all about fun instead of making it all about winning. This game looks good on the table.

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 5

Fun Factor

I like racing games. It is a simple mechanic anyone can enjoy. Your one goal is to get to the finish line before the other players. It cannot get any easier than that. It is the obstacles throughout the game which make it entertaining. My sister and I tried this one out together and we enjoyed the back and forth sparring with the cards we had. She arrived at the finish line first but it was close. In my opinion, this will be better with three or four players rather than two. We enjoyed it, but having one or two more players in the way would make it interesting.

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 6

Age Range & Weight

Geek Attitude Games suggests that players 8+ can enjoy Dicium. Individual maturity varies person to person, but I mostly agree with this. Dicium is a medium weight game.

Dicium: Crazy Cup by Geek Attitude Games Review 7


Do you like dice games? Do you like racing games? CRAZY CUP is the game for you. I really enjoy the central game mechanics of Dicium. The dice mechanics remind me of the game Masmorra in that you are using them to perform actions. However, it is different in that you combine the dice for different actions. CRAZY CUP does not take long to play. The board is smallish so gameplay will take about 30-45 min. I think this is a great gateway game for new players. It can introduce dice mechanics and the racing game style.


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