Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review


Publisher: Restoration Games

Game Type: Party Game, Deduction, Card Game, Memory

Designers: Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt and Justin D. Jacobson

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Matijos Gebreselassie

Theme and What is it?

Come to Dinoton Abbey for high tea dressed in your finest clothing! It is the most coveted invitation of the year. Unfortunately, you do not remember anyone’s name and must carefully determine this before everyone finds out and starts gossiping! Dinosaur Tea Party is a game of deduction for 2-5 players. Each player is one of the many dinosaurs at the tea party. Players take turns asking questions until they narrow it down. The first player to make three correct guesses is the winner.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 1

Gameplay Mechanics

To setup the game, lay out the dinosaur tiles in a grid. These are all the dinosaurs attending the tea party. Each player is one of them. Shuffle the dinosaur cards and give one to each player. These are kept secret. Each dinosaur tile and card will have traits for each dinosaur. There are many traits each dinosaur can have. For example, they could or could not be wearing a hat or be showing teeth. Each player has trait tokens in their color for all the possibilities. Each trait token has a front and back. The back has an “X” meaning that the dinosaur does not have that trait.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 2

On each players turn, they can ask a question to a player or guess who the player is. If the current player asks a question, the player answering the question, places their trait token in front of them on the appropriate side. If the asking player got a “yes” response, then they can take another turn. If not, play moves to the next player. If the current player makes a guess and is correct, then that player discards their dinosaur card and draws another and resets their trait tokens. The player who made the correct guess, takes a sugar cube. Also, that Dinosaur tile is flipped over. If the current player guesses incorrectly, play moves to the next player.

Play continues in this way until one player has three sugar cubes and is immediately the winner.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 3

Initial Impressions

As soon as I saw this game, I wanted to play it. I love dinosaurs and even tea! The artwork looked amazing and unique. I did not know that the game was deduction until I got it and read the description, “a game of civilized deduction”. If you have read my review on Death Note: Confrontation, then you know I love deduction games. This one is for a younger audience but I would still play it with adults!

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 4

Game Build Quality

The dinosaur tiles are thick cardstock and the cards are high quality. The trait tokens are thick, robust cardboard. The sugar cubes are white thick plastic. Everything is very durable. There is really not an insert. It is just an open box and everything for the most part is in plastic bags.

Artistic Direction

The artwork for Dinosaur Tea Party is phenomenal. If dinosaurs actually did dress in clothing and attend a tea party, this is what it would look like. I think my favorites are Kenneth and Lloyd (pictured below). Kenneth is a pterodactyl that loves cheeseburgers and Lloyd is a raptor that apparently loves sweets.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 5

Also, whenever a dinosaur tile is flipped over, the artwork on the back still shows the wall and table indicating that they have just left the tea party. This is a nice touch. I cannot compliment the artwork enough. Everyone should enjoy it and not just younger children.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 6

Fun Factor

I played this with the family. My niece and nephew were just not quite the right age to grasp it but they will be able to soon. So, we played with four adults. We all loved it. There is a lot to enjoy because I can just laugh at the artwork.

Age Range & Weight

After playing this, I think that my nephew could have been introduced to it easily enough. It would have him thinking very hard though. My niece would have enjoyed just playing with someone so we may try that the next time. Once we set it up and played, I could see the 7+ age suggestion, however I might recommend it a little higher. It is deduction and sometimes that is hard to grasp. I know adults that struggle with it. The game makes it easy because each dinosaur tile lists each trait that the dinosaur has, so if you compare the trait tokens in front of the player, it is pretty easy to narrow this down.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 7

There are added quirks that can be added to three dinosaurs making the game slightly more difficult. A dinosaur can “always lie”, “always say no” or “always change answer (alternate). It is fun this way, but I would leave this out when playing with younger players. Dinosaur Tea Party is a great game to introduce children to deduction games. There is a variant to make it more difficult for older players as well.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 8


We really did enjoy this one. If you love dinosaurs and deduction, it is great one to add to your collection, plus it is so cute! I can play deduction games for hours! I thoroughly enjoy them and it keeps your brain active. I am probably going to make my regular gaming group try this one at least once, but I know it will end up being a favorite with the family.

Dinosaur Tea Party by Restoration Games Review 9


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