Double Play: Dodgeball – Party People Games – Review


Theme and What is It?

*Note* Copy of the game provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Double Play: Dodgeball is a trivia party game that wants to evoke the feeling of playing dodge ball the game that so many of us played in gym growing up

Gameplay Mechanics

The mechanics are a simple mix of Apples to Apples with any number of lightning round answer games. One person draws a card from a deck, asks the question to the other players, and waits for responses. The other players have to yell out answers and the last player to give a correct answer is out and becomes the judge.

Initial Impressions

I wasn’t sure what to make of this game. The rules as written aren’t very clear and gave an impression that felt like confused chaos. I had to go online and find a video from the company that showed the game in play. Even then I wasn’t sure that their staged depiction was going to reflect the game in real life.

Quality of Components and Insert

The cards found in the game are good quality. They hold up well, have nice corners, and shuffle well. They’re far sturdier than is necessary since the game doesn’t really require any shuffling.

Artistic Direction

There isn’t any art in the game. They use the same graphic font and style popularized by Cards Against Humanity of white text on a black background.

Double Play: Dodgeball - Party People Games - Review 1

Fun Factor

The game breaks down a little. The desire to adhere to the dodge ball theme caused play to be unfocused. It ended up being a lot of people just yelling out answers while the judge tries to keep track of what’s going on. I ended up being correct at how our game wasn’t as polite as the game that was depicted in the instructional video. Additionally, that the first player eliminated becomes the permanent judge, was a huge misstep. It felt like that person was being punished for the whole game.

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

It’s an extremely simple game and none of the questions are offensive. It’s easily playable with children and adults. The content of the game and how adult gets is entirely up to the group. Though on some questions you will really have to try to go rude f that’s what you’re looking for. It could also be difficult for small children to act as judge since the game is so chaotic. There are also some questions that might be outside the realm of knowledge for younger players. I’d probably settle for early teens with this one unless you use the team variant.


I was not a fan. I’d like to say the dodgeball theme was pasted on but they worked to make it dodgeball. That work kind of broke this game. It was a jumbled mess. No one had fun with the rules as written. That said, we hacked our own rules that had nothing to do with dodgeball and had some fun. Unfortunately, I’m not reviewing the game my friends and I made up.

It’s a shame to, because the questions used were all good. They had some nice topics that were well known enough and yet still slightly obscure to where you can know an answer and just not be able to think of one. Although, there aren’t enough cards in the box. If you’re going to do a card based trivia game I think you should have at least 500 cards.

Ultimately, this game wasn’t for me and my friends. It feels like they put effort into this, it really does. Just not the right kind of effort.


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