Don’t Get Got-Big Potato Games-Review

Don't Get Got-Big Potato Games-Review 1
Matthew Kearns
Matthew Kearns
Writer, Trainer, Midnight Planner

Theme&What is it?

Gonna Get You

This isn’t just a game, it’s an adventure!  Don’t Get Got is a party game that isn’t for parties but takes the fun on the road.  You aren’t stuck sitting around a table or the room cracking jokes but a sneaky, tricky game mixed in with real life.  What’s real?  What’s the game?  You won’t know until you do.

How Am I Gonna Get You?

I was skeptical of the game given the very free nature of the game.  It was hard to imagine playing this game over time without it possibly interfering with things.  There isn’t much to it, but was that enough to draw me in?



Simple, Clean, Efficient

The goal of Don’t Get Got is to be the first person to successfully get other players three times before the others.

Give each player a Guess What? card and 5 other Mission cards to store in their Mission Wallet.  Do not share your missions with other players, they must be kept secret.

During the course of the game, the players try to covertly coerce the other players to do something spelled out in their Mission cards without them catching on.  If a player gets another to complete a mission before realizing it was a mission, then the player flips over his Mission card in his Mission Wallet to Nailed It.  If the other player realizes he is being conned into completing a mission before doing it, the player turns over his Mission card to Failed It.

Play continues until the goal is met or all of the players run out of Missions to be successful so as to win the game.

You Got What You Need

The quality of the components (Mission Wallet, Mission cards) are just fine for the active nature of the game.  They are small and simple and somewhat durable, but care is still required especially for the Mission cards being made of cardstock.



You Got Not Much

The artwork of the game is more of an afterthought, not because it is bad but more that it isn’t a major or even necessary component for the enjoyment of the game.

You Got Something

This game is about subversiveness and playing pranks to win; if you’re into that then it may serve you well.



You Could Get More

Age range is 14+ but that may be because of the nature of the missions printed for the game or the components but not because of the difficulty of what the game is. You could easily pull in younger players who could be interested in playing something like this.

I Don’t Got This

I was a bit underwhelmed by this game given its simple nature but also because it isn’t one that I’m interested in. I see this game as something junior high kids through young adults would be more interested in doing with a group of friends. I know my boys liked it who are both older teens. The game gives you everything you need except the only things you can bring: motivation and imagination. So keep it secret, keep it safe and good luck!



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