Double Vision – Party People Games – Review


Theme and What is It?

*Note* Copy of the game provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Double Vision is an adult party game that enacts a year of celebrating and drinking with friends as they travel from bar to party to restaurant trying to be the first to get the most drinks.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game focuses on a Monopoly style of play, using roll and move mechanics. It includes minor role-play and physical and trivia based challenges.

Double Vision - Party People Games - Review 1

Initial Impressions

I’m going to start by spoiling the end of this review a bit in that my initial impressions were wrong. Other than appreciating the production quality of the game, I thought it was going to be a garbage fire. When asking friends to play it with me so I could review it, those wonderful people agreed despite me referring to the game as alcoholic Monopoly. I’m happy to say I was wrong.

Quality of Components and Insert

The production on this game is amazing. Everything is given a level of care I didn’t expect. The player pieces are of excellent quality, the bead necklaces are sturdy and well made, the cards are solid and coated to protect from spills, and the player name tags are big enough to be read clearly from around the table. The game comes with plastic holders for the cards, a felt bag for all of the loose components, and everything fits inside in a way that prevents it from rolling around. I’m pretty sure, with the exception of the board, you could nearly submerge the game components and they’d be fine.

Double Vision - Party People Games - Review 2

Artistic Direction

The art is fun. It’s cartoony and silly in the right kind of way. It reminds me of old Hot Rod Magazine art from the 70’s. It has an evocative feel of going out with friends and having a fun time. The only misstep was that there are three spots on the board for the cards, but the color of the spaces matches the text on the cards and not the color of the cards. That’s a minor quibble, especially since we had the cards in the supplied holders off the side of the board.

Fun Factor

It’s a very silly game. We got into and had a great time. The trivia is the, “I know this but can’t think of the answer,” level of difficulty. The physical challenges can all be done from your seat.

The only place that might hold some people back is the use of the name tags. Every player is given a name tag with a persona on it. Periodically throughout the game players will have to converse with one another as their persona. A lot of the fun in the game was in doing and watching other people do this.

Double Vision - Party People Games - Review 3

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The rules are simple. A small child could easily understand the rules. However, because of the theme I would recommend that the game be played with adults and maybe teens, 16+ at the least.


I was very happy to be wrong about my initial impressions of this game. I had a ton of fun playing this. I get the feeling that the role play will be a stumbling block for some people but, if you can get past it, I think most will have fun with it.

While we didn’t have any when we played, I could easily see this being a game that gets pulled out with a couple of beers and a bunch of folks sitting around a table. I honestly believe that this is a great game for New Year’s Eve.

Turns are fast, even when multiple people are taking part in the challenges. The physical challenges never felt impossible. It always felt like you were just about to succeed until the timer ran out.

I would seek out this game and give it a try. I think you’ll have fun.

As a final, personal note. For as silly fun as the game is and as simple as the rules are I would love to see a version of this that was trick or treat themed and kid friendly.


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