Draghan: Sneaky Ol’ Dragons – Jumping Turtle Games – Review

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Draghan - Sneaky Ol’ Dragons is all fun and games until someone steps in the dragon poo -- it squishes between the toes.

John Doe


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Theme and What is it?


There is peace in the land of Draghan and the inhabitants, dragon and human alike, celebrate this truce each year.  During this time, the dragons race each other in search of a chest of gold while encountering dangers, ranging from simple to bewildering, along the way.  Do you have enough courage to brave the race and come out on top?

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Gameplay Mechanics



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The goal of Draghan is to be the furthest beyond the finish line at the end of the race.


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Each player chooses a dragon and takes its Start Storyline card and standee.  Place the Start Card on one side of the table and place the path cards in sequential number order, arranged however you like, and finally place the Finish Card at the end.  You can choose how long you want the game by using as many path cards as you like. Shuffle the Movement and Action cards together to form the draw pile. Place the other tokens and such near the game area.  Determine the starting player and he receives the First Player Token.


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This game is played in a series of rounds, each broken into phases.  First, each player draws cards equal to the number of players +1. Each player will choose a card and place it face down in front of them and then pass their hands to the next player.  This continues until all the cards are chosen and placed in front of the players.

The players then pick up the cards in front of them and place one in front of them to form their storyline and then proceed to place the other cards in storylines of each of the other players, one at a time.  The final card is then placed in their own storyline next to the first card.

In 2- and 6-player games, the players are dealt six cards and placing of cards is slightly different due to the number of players and cards.

In order from the starting player, each player turns over a card, starting from the left in their storyline, resolves the effect of the card, and discards it.  This continues until all cards have been played and discarded.

Finally, the starting player passes the First Player Token to the next person.

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Initial Impressions


The game was easy to pick up and play. It takes quite a bit of table space to arrange the cards so it’s no travel game.

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Game Build Quality


The game consists of cards and cardboard pieces. The cards are an average stock with an alright finish. The cardboard pieces are thick and heavy, yet easy to punch and punched clean.

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Artistic Direction


Like the other Draghan game, the art is wonderful. There are a lot of cards with little nods to fantasy or kid tropes. How could you go wrong with Dragon Poo?

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Fun Factor


This game is all about getting ahead and doing naughty things to your opponents. If you and your kids are competitive and into these kinds of games, it will be a hit. The art coupled with the funny actions make for a great time.

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Age Range & Weight


Age range state 8+ but I think this is a game that can go lower to 6 given the light complexity. There is a little bit of strategy when you have to determine who will get which cards but after a few plays, it will become second nature.

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Draghan – Sneaky Ol’ Dragons is a good bit of naughty fun. Move forward, move back. Make ‘em sneeze, face a knight. Though the game centers around “do good for you, do bad for others”, it’s all fun and games until someone steps in the dragon poo — it squishes between the toes. “Take that” is a primary mechanic of the game so some parents might not like that. But it’s also hard not to look at the game and flip through the cards because of the great art along with it.

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