Drinks With Frenemies – BE Game – Review

Drinks With Frenemies - BE Game - Review 1

Theme&What is it?

A Game about building friendships…sort of

If hanging out with frenemies has been super difficult for you, now it won’t be so bad. Grab a copy with Drinks with Frenemies and find ways to get even with your frenemies and maybe after a few rounds you can even become friends. 

Hey, we even played with kids

We played with our kids. We decided it would be best not to use alcoholic beverages and substituted with Sprite.  It became more of a normal group party game and since we were using Sprite, they didn’t mind losing the challenges because they got to drink it. The game would have served its purpose if we had chosen lemon juice or tomato juice instead. 



Frenemies are the best

Drinks with Frenemies is a party game where players compete to see who can have the most or the fewest drinks depending on how you want to win the game. Players take turns playing cards onto the player board and there are group rules that apply to everyone. There are frenemy rules that target a single player and there are other cards that are truth and dare style cards. Cards require people to take drinks for failing to follow the rules. The game continues until everyone is passed out or someone plays an end game card. At that point the frenemy is chosen and must take the final shot. 

Not a much to it

The game consists of a bunch of cards and I received a neoprene-playing mat. I am not sure if retail versions of the game come with the playing mat.  The cards have a surface that will let you spill a couple drinks on it without taking too much damage. That is all the game consists of. 



Minimalistic design

It’s all words.  There isn’t much art. The cards have symbols to let you know what type of card it is. But other than that, there isn’t a lot of art but graphic design makes everything look clean and readable. 

Laugh and laugh some more

The fun part about this game is hanging out with your friends (or family) and just doing funny, silly and crazy things.  There is going to be a lot of laughs and if you are using adult drinks you’ll probably laugh even more. 



Make sure everyone is legal

Suggestion on the game is 16+. I would not recommend that age range if you are using alcoholic beverages, for obvious reasons. We played it with our 5-year-old and he had fun, so it can work for all ages keeping in mind the sort of beverage you use. 

Solid Party Game

Drinks with Frenemies has potential to be a solid party game, whether you are using alcohol or not.  We don’t drink, but after playing it we realized there are many options to make this game work.  You can do tart drinks, bitter drinks or even break out the disgusting flavored jelly beans, vomit flavored anyone? There are many ways to make this game work if you aren’t a booze hound. But if you are someone who likes to imbibe in the nectar of the gods, drinks with Frenemies will make your night of debauchery even more fun. 



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