Dropmix by HASBRO Review


Dropmix by HASBRO Review 1

Publisher: HASBRO

Game Type: Card Drafting, Music, DJ

Designer: HARMONIX Crew

Initial Year of Release: 2017

Artist: Sander Berg

Artist: Vance Kelly

Artist: Jeff Lowry

Artist: Eric Nyffeler

Artist: Kate O’Hara

Artist: Jerome Vogel

Artist: James Weinberg

Theme and What is it?

A long time ago in a galaxy, nope, wrong game. Dropmix is a game that allows you to be the DJ, that you were never going to practice enough to be good at, and makes you good at mixing tunes.

The idea is that there is a game in everything, even music. This is what Harmonix has built a legacy from, finding the pure side of music, and gamifying it.
Dropmix by HASBRO Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Simple enough mechanic. Take a deck, draw three, and play them to score the biggest points.

You will want to play your weakest hand first, or you will be relegated to pushing the dropmix button on the end to cancel the other cards out. Each card has a strength of 1, 2, or 3. Three is the most powerful, and one is weak. Ultimately, the first to 20 points wins.

You can see the relative strength in the upper left part of card.Dropmix by HASBRO Review 3

Initial Impressions

I have always really enjoyed Harmonix games, and was pleased to say the form of the game, works as seamlessly as all Harmonix games.

The cards just work, functioning almost every time without much effort. This is how digital should work.

Game Build Quality

Harmonix games are always built well, functionally. This game is no exception. The board is solid, and the cards work as I said before, almost every time.

I like the way the game feels in hand.

Artistic Direction

As you can see at the beginning of the article, HASBRO had a plethora of artists. It shows.

The art, while approachable on the cards, is a bit manic. There is not a solid direction to the art. It feels as if the game just went with more artists means better art. I think the publisher has over worried about art, which is quite rare that I would EVER say. I believe games are art, and should be treated as such.

My problem here is that the publisher seemed to not have a direction to the art, and it shows.

Fun Factor

This is where the game breaks down. It is functionally great. The game functions. It just… isn’t fun, at least to this board gamer.

That does not mean I see no value, it just means I see value in a different way than I expected.

Age Range & Weight

Anyone that can read, can play this game, and HASBRO has made the songs lack explicit content, at least that I could find. Therefore, with caution, I would say this is a family friendly game.


This is an incredible use of technology. Quite frankly, I think HASBRO has missed the boat on this game. This game can, and will make ANY card game better.

The music mix is FANTASTIC! I thoroughly enjoy party mode, and freestyle. The game, with some updates, could be the best game use of technology in the past decade.

Here’s hoping HASBRO continues to support this game, and also hoping they update the mechanics to be a more approachable and fun game.

It allows for a player to forget about rules, and just play, and the system to take care of the housekeeping. Any game could have the same technology inserted into the cards, and use the same or similar board. This board should be universal.

This is the future of card games.
Dropmix by HASBRO Review 4


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