Dwar7s Winter – Vesuvius Games – Review


Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 1

Publisher: Vesuvius Media

Game Type: Hand Management, Area Control

Designer: Luís Brüeh

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Luís Brüeh

Theme and What is it?

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 2

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell blood, and I’m a giant, so who cares where they are from. In Dwar7s Winter, the second in a line of games from Vesuvius Media, you take on the role of a clan of dwarfs, different clans are different colors. Of course, I was green.

Think, The 7 Dwarfs mashed up with the monsters from the works of Homer (No, not Simpson.). This is a mini-game that as cool as the minis are, is more focused on the gameplay than the minis.

Gameplay Mechanics

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 3

I may get beat up for saying this, but this game to me feels like a solid 2x (not 4x, there is no extermination or exploring, it is all exploiting and expanding.)

The limited cards, and card build out make the game solid. The cards have multiple uses, and must be consciously “consumed” each round. You can purchase an additional card each round that can be used in later rounds as an upgrade to your base set. The upgrades costs $1-2 and seem to be rather well priced to allow for good decisions to be made. Though, I would have liked to see prices between $1-3 for that card, you just MUST have, where everyone else finds you foolish for spending so much.

Initial Impressions

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 4

The great colors, and nice build make this game immediately approachable. The box seems a little juvenile in its art choice, but it hides a solid game. If nothing else, seeing the game made me want to play the game.

I’m guessing if you have read this far, at least part of that is the visuals of the game are intriguing. I found this to also be the case.

Game Build Quality

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 5

This game is loaded with minis.

If you are a minis person, you are getting tremendous value here. If you are just looking for a solid game, this game delivers. Good minis, solid cardboard, and nice nits. I did not count how many different sculpts but there are quite a few, 10-15 is a good guesstimate.

Artistic Direction

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 6The art in this game is through and through juvenile. I do not mean this as a sleight, but rather an active choice to make the art cute, to attract a wider audience appeal.

While the art does not call to my artistic side, it does do exactly as intended. It attracted my 6 year old daughter to want to at least try to play. As a board game dad, that is something that “money” can’t buy. I mean, logically I know that the art was paid for, and the game as well, you know what I mean. Why are you giving me a hard time?

Fun Factor

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 7Yes, I know, the photo is nearly the same as the last. There is a reason for that.

Those of you that know me, know I have a six year old daughter who games with me some. She, due to age, was not overly enamored with the game, but she got it.

So, about the 3rd turn in, she had to move the monsters. The treeent takes away one wood resource. She could have moved it in a harmless way. Instead she moved the monster to a location where we both had a dwarf. I said, “Honey, why are you going to hurt us both, instead of neither of us?”

Her response, in classic Hale family fashion, “Daddy, you have wood. And… Daddy, I do not have wood. You see?!?” And there it was, she now understood how to sandbag me in a board game.

Fun was had.

Age Range & Weight

Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 8

14+. The resource management aspect of this game makes it harder for a younger player. However, my daughter played it with no major qualms. It just moved too slowly for her.

I think the age range is an ovcer estimation of difficulty. Many kids 8+ should be able to play, and 10+ should be able to enjoy the game.


Dwar7s Winter - Vesuvius Games - Review 9

This is the aftermath of the sandbagging daughter, she still has no wood.

Sadly, nor do I. I enjoyed Dwar7s Winter. I think it has some aspects that make it very unique. I enjoyed the idea of recycling your 7 Dwarfs, and they never got sleepy or dopey.

The traveling monsters are an indirect way to have battle that does not feel too take that, unless you are playing against my daughter. If you are playing against her, you may be better off eating an apple, and then taking a nap.


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