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Deep in the forest, an innocent rabbit, Eila, is attracted by something shiny on the hill. With courage and passion, she sets out on a journey to find the mysterious light and you will be in her role to experience this wonderful adventure story. Make good choices for Eila as every step you take will make a huge change. Now, join this magical odyssey through a series of unexpected events.

There is not a lot to the game setup. Before setup, you read the prologue comic book for that chapter. This tells you which Event Cards to use for that chapter. You will make sure your Resource Cubes are handy. You will set aside the red and blue Event Cards in separate stacks. Then set the green Event Cards inside the “Upcoming” Card Stand. You also set aside the Habit Cards and Item Cards. The Goal Card will show the required Resources needed to win the game.

During the Day Phase there is really one main mechanic: Draw an Event Card from the Upcoming and then make a choice. These choices involve collecting Resources or paying Resources, gaining Energy or Fear, and adding new cards into the Future deck. Once you have made a choice, place the card to the left (Past) of your active Event or to the right (Future).

You will never use Past Event Cards again. You will shuffle the Future Event Cards at the end of the Night Phase to use for the next day. So, you will play certain Event Cards more than once. Some cards are used throughout the entire game and some are based on the choice.

Once you have played all the upcoming Event Cards, the Night Phase beings. First, you may place 1 or 2 Resource Cubes on the Goal Card to meet the requirement. Then, you must pay one Energy onto the day you have just completed on the Goal Card. If you cannot pay an Energy, then you will lose a Life. Each Goal Card has a set number of Lives represented by hearts. Whenever, I could not pay an Energy, I placed the heart I lost on the day instead. Then, you shuffle the cards in the Future deck and place them into the Upcoming.

This continues until either you have placed all required Resources on the Goal Card and win 😊 OR you have lost all of your lives or completed the 7th day and lose 😢.

During the game, some Event Cards will allow you to buy or just gain items to help you along the adventure.

Eila and Something Shiny - ICE Makes - Preview 1

I was super excited about demoing this game. They described it as a legacy solo adventure and that was enough of a hook for me. The box art looked fantastic, and I have seen some things on BGG when it was introduced at Essen. It is getting a lot of positive feedback.

Eila and Something Shiny - ICE Makes - Preview 2

My copy is a demo copy so I will only review what they sent me. That being said, I thought the components were great. The resources are wooden squares that are painted in the various colors. I know many people prefer realistic resources but I thought these were perfect because of how you keep up with resources.

The cards are large to include all the beautiful artwork and your choices. They are good quality cards. I received a demo playmat which I am sure will be a part of the Kickstarter campaign. It made you want to try this game even more.

The game comes with a stand for your main deck of cards you pull from. You put this together from sturdy, robust cardboard.

I believe the game is completely seamless as is, except for now I need the other parts of the story! But, from a component standpoint, I don’t believe it needs anything to be changed.

The only change I would make is the rulebook. My copy did not have a rulebook, and they emailed me a copy. I had some questions that were not addressed in the rules initially, however; I located an updated copy on BGG that clarified those things. So, ICE Makes is working towards a more streamlined rulebook.

Eila and Something Shiny - ICE Makes - Preview 3

The artwork is so cute! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. It is probably because your goal is trying to help this cute bunny but there are some elements of evil along the way. Roxy Dai does a very good job of making you feel you are really within this story.

Eila and Something Shiny - ICE Makes - Preview 4

I have spent three nights this week trying out Eila and Something Shiny and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wish I had more chapters! Chapter 1 has an advanced mode and I have yet to win. You cannot let the cute artwork fool you because it is a challenging game. I am excited to see what the upcoming Kickstarter campaign adds.

Eila and Something Shiny - ICE Makes - Preview 5

The starting age suggestion is 7 on BGG. That might be slightly low. The mechanics are not involved by any means, however; the choices take some thought. A younger audience may certainly be able to handle the mechanics to play but they may not enjoy it if they do not make the right choices and continue to lose.

However, even though this is a solo game, that does not prevent two players from playing and making the choices together. So, you could easily play it with a younger player and an adult.

I found Eila and Something Shiny so delightful to play. This game is high on my list for solo games. I will definitely try to beat the advanced mode for Chapter 1 while I await the Kickstarter patiently.

If you are looking for a good solo game, this is it! Check ICE Makes out on Kickstarter and be looking for Eila and Something Shiny! The publish told me this will be sometime in April!

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