Enhance Gaming Dice Case and Rolling Tray – Review



A Belt Pouch…

The Enhance Gaming Dice Case and Rolling Tray is a sturdy carrying case for your gaming dice. It includes a mesh pocket to hold dice in place while in transit and a detachable dice tray for rolling. The case is made of sturdy materials, with thick sides that hold up to transport. Zippers are large and well made to facilitate frequent use and the need to separate the halves of the case. It also has a sturdy carbine clip to attach the case to other belts, bags, and rings.

…Full of Gems…

I think this case is very useful for carrying large amounts of dice. The dice tray is large and allows for dice to roll around without crowding so you can organize them after rolling if necessary. If you like having this type of accessory available then I think this is one you’ll enjoy using.

Do IWantThis?

Whatdo i think?

…A Worthy Prize.

I checked this case out at the same time I tested the adventures bag. I think this is a great addition to any player’s tool kit. The case is well made and sturdy; holding up to my testing methods. In this instance, not being able to visit conventions or game groups due to current conditions I drove around with the box in the trunk of my car. Sometimes it was attached to the full Adventurers Case and sometimes left loose. This was the best I could do to replicate convention conditions. It stood up well to the travel conditions; I have a lot of loose junk in my trunk.

The case works well, it held a significant number of dice and the mesh netting kept them all in one place so I didn’t have to worry about them falling out when opening the case. I also purposefully knocked the top half of the case off of the table a couple of times and it held up perfectly.

The other half of the case worked well as a dice tray. It was large enough that I could roll all of the dice for a standard D&D character creation and sort them without feeling crowded. It has three metal strips to act as a base keeping it level; a feature I appreciate.
The zipper on the case is sturdy and big. I liked this because it was large enough that separating and reattaching the two halves of the case a simple task. I’ve had trouble with smaller zippers going back together cleanly and that was not a problem for me in this instance.

The only negative I have is I’m not very thrilled with the zipper on the mesh pouch. The construction is fine, but it goes across the middle making the opening to reach the dice a little tight for me. It makes getting to specific dice or sets quickly, difficult. I’m not sure about the logistics, but I would prefer that the dice is around the edge to allow for wider access to the dice.

Overall, I found this to be an excellent tray and will be adding it to my kit at future conventions and game nights. I like to recommend try before you buy, but I’m not sure how you can do that here. If you get a chance to play around with one of these, I’d recommend it. I think you’ll be impressed with the quality.

Until next time, stay safe, and be well.


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