Enhance RPG Adventurer’s Bag Review



Packing for Adventure

The Enhance RPG Adventurer’s Bag is a carrying case for all of you Role Play Game needs. It includes several pockets, pouches, straps, and cargo areas to meet your needs.

The case comes with a large area for books and includes two Velcro dividers to help organize the bits and books you’ll need. A set area with foam insert for miniatures helps to organize any figures you’ll need as a Player or Game Master. There’s foam netting in one of the pockets to help organize your pens, markers, and other writing and note taking materials, the pocket is also large enough to include a standard journal for note taking.

Sturdy straps, zippers, and rings are included to help give the durability to the case and allow for frequent use. The rings also allow plenty of space for additional attachments, such as the dice bag which I’ll talk about in a separate review.

A Bag of Holding

I think it will be really useful for GM’s and players. There’s a decent amount of space options to help keep you organized and it’s built very well to keep everything in place and protected.

Do IWantThis?

Whatdo i think?

A Welcome Edition

I like this bag. While I haven’t been able to attend any conventions or game groups this year due to the various levels of quarantine I think this bag will hold up well to these environments. I drove around with it loose in my trunk and it held up well to the punishment. (It was the only thing I could think of to field test it.)

The miniatures area has slots for 16 minis with around 1” bases and a bit of room for flare and reach. I wouldn’t have objected to two larger slots for bigger beasties, but I think spare foam inserts are easily available from multiple sources and should be easy enough to obtain if I end up really needing one.

The only thing that sort of stands in my way on the bag are the two straps for paper maps. I haven’t used paper maps for a long time, I tend to rely on Battle Mats and a designers tube to carry them. However, the 2 straps include on the bag for paper maps seems sturdy enough. However, they are placed horizontally on the bag and this could cause the maps to extend past the edges of the bag. Going through a convention or crowded game store this feels like a recipe for getting your maps trashed. I wish they had been included on the side to keep the maps vertical. In the end I already keep mine in a tube so it won’t affect me very much but it is something to be aware of.

All told I really like this bag and have already moved my gaming kit into the bag. I’m looking forward to next year when I can take it to cons, clubs, and my friend’s houses. It’s a high quality bag and well worth using.

Until next time, stay safe and be well.


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