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Hello everybody.

We are quickly approaching the annual Extra Life Marathon. This is a charity fundraiser designed to help the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. This is an amazing event and I hope to convince people to take part in it.

The marathon itself is a 24-hour event that takes place at the beginning of November. This year the event takes place on November 2nd. It officially runs from 8 am on Saturday until Sunday at 8 a.m. However, if you live in an area affected by Daylight Savings, this is actually a 25-hour marathon.

This time is completely flexible. If you can’t have it on the 2nd make your event on a different day. Popular twitch Streamer MFPallytime hosted his two months ago. If 8 a.m. doesn’t work, choose a different time. My event goes from noon to noon. If you don’t want to play for 24 straight hours, break it up into manageable chunks. I’ve seen many people on-line take this path. The point is not when you play but simply to play. 

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During this time they encourage you to play games. Do it through whatever method you choose. Play video games, board games, card games, get involved in a sport, or anything else you can think of. Personally, I have a board game day. Many people stream the event on Twitch and YouTube. Extra Life also has their own streaming channels that will be live over the course of the event allowing people to take part from home.

How does this raise money? Many of the people who take part in the event will seek sponsors. For example, I will be taking part and have a donation page set up (link above) People can go and support their favorite gamers, groups, and hospitals. You can also set up your own account and get donations that way. I also recommend this (link above.)

If you sign up, you choose what hospital the donations go to. For example, everything I raise goes to the Dayton Children’s Hospital. It’s the nearest hospital in the network to me and has impacted my family for as long as I can remember.  

Beyond this are several other events. Many areas have an Extra Life Facebook group. Dayton has one. They plan events and fund raisers year round. It’s easy to pitch in and take part in an event at a local game store or board game café.

That’s the long and short of the event and organization.

However, I want to encourage you to take part. I would love it if everyone who read this article could take part in an event. Host your own, go to a club, or support a gamer online. Head to their site (link above), see what they have to say and read the amazing story of how this all got started. While you’re there look around and see if there’s someone you want to put your support behind. Maybe they have a stream you like watching or are backing a hospital in your area.

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I am constantly moved and impressed by how supportive and generous people can be. Last year Extra Life reached a collective 50 million dollars raised since its inception in 2008. This is my seventh year and I am humbled by all of the people who have supported me in this every year. Taking part in Extra Life is the best thing I do and makes me feel pride in a way I can’t put into words.

I hope you can take a few moments to pitch in and look at the organization.

Until next time, be well.