Fairy Tile Review


Fairy Tile Review 1

Publisher: IELLO

Game Type: Fantasy, Medieval, Tile Laying

Designer: Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Miguel Coimbra

Theme and What is it?

In Fairy Tile, 2-4 players are helping the Princess, Knight and Dragon tell of their many adventures through pages of their book. These pages are represented by objective cards. Players take turns building the kingdom or moving the princess, knight and dragon around the kingdom to accomplish these objectives and further develop the story.

Gameplay Mechanics

Fairy Tile Review 2

The game is setup with three starting tiles and the figures of the princess, knight and dragon in their respective places. The other tiles are stacked up. Every player starts with a magic token on the blank side. There are 36 page cards and they are dealt out to all players face down, which is their “book”. Players secretly look at the top card only. Players then use the following actions to complete their page cards:

  1. Develop their story by going on an adventure – A player may move a character around the kingdom or lay a new kingdom tile. Each character moves in a different way around the kingdom.
  2. Turn a page – A player takes their top page card and places it face down at the bottom of their book and then flips their magic token. The magic token allows a player to take another “go on an adventure” action during their turn by flipping it back.

When a player completes all of the pages of their book, they are the winner. They then may put the pages in order by card number and read their story aloud.

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Initial Impressions

The game is very colorful. I was not sure how much depth it would have given that the age suggestion was 8+. My group and I enjoy a fantasy theme and were willing to give it a try.

Game Build Quality

All the components of Fairy Tile are good quality. The little figurines add a great touch to the game. The cardboard tiles are sturdy. The cards are nice and not flimsy. The insert isn’t bad, but the tiles do not lay flat in the slot designed for them. But, overall everything fits neatly in the box and nothing moves around.

Fairy Tile Review 4

Artistic Direction

The artwork has a very whimsical appeal and almost looks like stained glass. It is very colorful which in my opinion draws the player into the fantasy theme. They did a good job with the figurines. They match the illustrations on the Page cards perfectly.

Fun Factor

I enjoyed the game. The game is not overly difficult. The mechanics reminded me a lot of Takenoko, which I adore! I would say this is a very simplified version of that which makes for a good filler.

Fairy Tile Review 5

Age Range & Weight

The box suggests 8+. I would agree. The movement of the characters would be the only intricate part of the game that would make it difficult for younger players.


My group had mixed feelings on this one. This is probably due to the fact that it would be classified as a children’s game. Even though we own a lot of games that are considered 8+, this felt more like a children’s game and should be in that genre. However, based on that, I still think it is a great game. I enjoyed it and will enjoy playing it with my nieces and nephews when they get a little older. Fairy Tile is a great gateway into board gaming for the younger audience.

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