Fake News by Breaking Games Review


Fake News by Breaking Games Review 1

Publisher: Breaking Games

Game Type: Party, Social


Initial Year of Release: 2018


Theme and What is it?

Fake News by Breaking Games Review 2

Breaking Games’ Fake News release is a game about despite, what it sounds like, is not a game about politics, so much as a reaction to politics and news. In a world that trusts newscasters less than they trust Congress, this is a game that announces loud and in so few words, let’s forget about politics and news, and just play!

Gameplay Mechanics

Fake News by Breaking Games Review 3

The Cards type game started a few years ago, and has just grown. This is not a huge deviation from the other games on the market, but does change scoring, and the audience mechanism. In other games you are playing to the audience of who your friend is, in this game, you are playing to a specific audience which is your friend. The best example that I liked was our friend was supposed to be a soccer mom.

This changes the group dynamic quite a bit, and you also have to think about what your friend will do as a soccer mom. Ths makes the audience factor a bit tougher than other similar cards games.

Initial Impressions

The game name is obviously based on hearing that thing said over and over again in politics currently. “Fake News” has become the battle call for any embattled politician. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant for this game. That, political diatribe is sadly all the name brings to mind. For that reason alone, I didn’t want to like the game, I’m tired of politics.

Game Build Quality

The game is a card game, the cards are short, succinct and well done. They are functional to do exactly what the publisher wanted, create a card game that forces its audience to think about the silliness of headlines.

Artistic Direction

Fake News by Breaking Games Review 4

It amazed me that the photos were all so emotionally appealing, or equally disgusting. These are some of the best photo assets I have ever seen in a card game. I really wanted to look through every card.

If it was all one photographer, I want to meet that person, their eye for this stuff was incredible.

Fun Factor

Once we got going, and got the scoring mechanism correct, I liked the game more than I thought I would.

The mundane became topical. The silly became poignant. Fake News is fun.

Age Range & Weight

Breaking Games suggests 13+. This game was relatively clean for this type of game. I would suggest this is pretty close to correct. Obviously, this can change with the group, but I think any group can make this fun without being dirty.


Fake News by Breaking Games Review 5

Some games take us by surprise. They take a new path on an already used idea. Fake News took us on an unexpected roller coaster ride through the people at our table’s psyche.

The audience factor was key to our enjoyment. One small factor, made for an entirely different game.

This makes me never want to hear a reviewer call something derivative again. All that is currently made is probably derivative of something, but one small change can make the experience worthwhile. Thank you for our studio audience Breaking Games!


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