Fallout to receive a tabletop miniatures game

  Announced by Modiphius Entertainment, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is an upcoming tabletop game that’s based on Bethesda’s iconic video game franchise. There are some details that have been released about the options available for the game. For example, there will be scenery and settlement buildings within the game as well as the Red Rock, Nuka-Cola vending machines, wrecked cars, Sanctuary Hills, and more. The miniatures themselves are set to clock in at the 32mm height, and will be made of resin; some of the ones pictured include a Super Mutant, and a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, among others.
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Players will be able to enjoy a narrative arc that include both thematic missions to complete, and caps that are rewarded upon success. These in turn can be invested back into the player’s crew, and include options such as perks, gear, weapons, and upgrades. The game will support single player campaigns in addition to the more conventional groups, and it will utilize a deck that players will draw off of, in order to facilitate the actions of hostiles. And at the risk of editorializing, I think everyone who enjoys table top gaming knows the challenges of coordinating schedules, so having a deck that functions like an “AI” is a welcome addition. The game is currently in developement, and slated to release in November of this year. For those interested in finding out more information about the game, the link to the developer’s website.


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