Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review


Publisher: Devir Games

Game Type: Real-Time Cooperative, Set Collection, Party Game

Designer: Dario Dordoni

Initial Year of Release: 2017

Artist: Demis Savini

Theme and What is it?

Fast Food Fear is a cute cooperative card game for 3-6 players. Players act as chefs playing food cards from their hand to fulfill customer orders. But wait, these are not your normal customers. You are serving delightful little monsters. The player’s goal is to serve all of the monsters before the time runs out.

Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review 1

Gameplay Mechanics

The setup is not hard. The player who was last in a kitchen becomes the Monster chef and shuffles the blue backed cards (customers) and lines up as many cards as there are players plus one face down in the middle of the table. Then the Monster chef shuffles all of the red backed cards and deals each player 6 cards. These cards are food items that the players must collect to serve the customers as well as event cards that give an ability like passing cards or flipping the timer to allow more time.

Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review 2

Once everyone is ready, the Monster chef flips the hourglass and then flips over half of the customer cards in the line face up rounding up if necessary.

Players can talk, suggest and coordinate with each other. On their turn, a player can play a combination of food items to serve a customer and then flip a new customer card, play 1 event card or discard any card and pass their turn. At the end of each turn, players must draw back up to six cards.

Play continues in this way until an end of game condition is triggered. Players lose if the hourglass time ends and they win if all customers have been served.

Initial Impressions

It takes a lot for a card game to stand out to me and my group. Upon the initial read through, I introduced this with caution. That being said, I was incorrect because it was well received. After a one time play through without a timer, we grasped the mechanics very well.

Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review 3

Game Build Quality

There is nothing to the components. The game comes with the food cards, customer cards, and a timer. Everything is well made.

Artistic Direction

The artwork for the monsters is comprised of geometric shapes in bright colors. It is very unique. The artwork will appeal to younger audiences as it is fun and enjoyable.

Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review 4

Fun Factor

This one would be a lot more fun with a younger audience. It is a great family game. Although we did have fun playing it, I sometimes got quite anxious when turns were delayed for decisions and I saw the sand dropping quickly. Children would have a lot of fun with it though.

Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review 5

Age Range & Weight

The game recommends ages eight and up. I think this is fair. The game is not difficult to grasp. And honestly, I think a younger audience will perform a little faster than we did as adults. We tend to take more time to think things out all while a timer is ticking down.

Fast Food Fear by Devir Games Review 6


I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one. I am ready to play this with some family members who also enjoy cooperative games. My regular gaming group in general is not good with real-time games. We don’t work well together in cooperative games and even worse when there is a timer involved. However, we enjoyed this one and actually won our first game.


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