Flotsam Fight – Oink Games – Review


Publisher: Oink! Games

Game Type: Group Tile Drafting, Card Game,

Designer: 丸田ともゆき (Tomoyuki Maruta)

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Izumida Hiroko

Theme and What is it?

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 1

You are a treasure hunter, who has been collecting found treasures for months. You are sailing home, and you hit a storm. It is a storm of the century, and your ship is sinking. You have as many life rafts as you have players (2-6). Now, your job is to rescue as many of the treasures as possible, or your hunts will have been for nothing, and you will have lost your ship, with no means to buy a new one. You are in for a fight, a Flotsam Fight.

Gameplay Mechanics

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 2

You have a hand of cards, that you want to put onto life rafts. You will put them on the boats based on how they are divisible, base 2, base 3, base 5, etc. You want to get rid of as many cards as possible per round, you must put a card in the right life raft, and should start low, because every card must only have higher value cards put on top of it. The player with the lowest high card will get 2 points at the end of the round, and the player with the highest high card, will get the donut of shame, a life preserver, which is -1 victory points.

You will play this three rounds, and whoever has the most points at the end of three rounds, is the best treasure hunter and card player. You now have bragging rights.

Initial Impressions

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 3

I am generally a fan of all things Oink!. My initial reaction was that I would of course love this big game in a little box.

I am always curious when I see an Oink! game, how much game were they able to stuff in their standard sized game box. So, my initial reaction, more than anything was curiosity, and whether or not that Oink! bug in my ear would be satisfied by the latest offering.

Game Build Quality

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 1

Oink! Games are all built to very same or similar exacting standards. The cardboard has no extra paper hanging off, the cards are always nice card stock, and the rules are all one sheet of paper.

I like the build of Oink! Games, and this is no different.

Artistic Direction

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 5

The box art of Flotsam Fight is quite nice. I am not however a big fan of the card art. Oink! had the chance to make this a serious game about the risk one would take to save treasure when your ship is going down.

I would have liked to see more serious art, for the subject matter. As it stands, it is fun art, just not the style I would have liked to see. I think this could be a heavier game, just based on more serious art.

Fun Factor

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 6

Who doesn’t like a game or movie about a ship going down? I mean if you are not thinking a little bit about Jack and Rose on the Titanic, then you are either the wrong age group to make this simile to, or you have the imagination of a spatula. “I’m King of the World!”

You know Rose could have scooted over a little and saved Jack, but no, she saved a necklace. She was apparently in a Flotsam Fight.

Age Range & Weight

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 7

8+. Due to the math involved, I think this is a good number for age. The cards actually tell you exactly which life boats the cards can go on, but in practice we never looked at them, and were always doing math. So, my 6 year old, did not play long with us. It could have been user error, but it just felt natural to do the math.


Flotsam Fight - Oink Games - Review 6

I am predisposed to like Oink! offerings. I think their idea of less is more is very charming, and if the game is good at all, it takes up so little shelf space, it just makes sense to have the game on the shelf, for that one day, you feel like playing an Oink! offering.

This game, like most of Oink! games will stay on my shelf, and be packed in my suitcase regularly when I am traveling. Frankly, I think you need a few Oink! titles on your shelf.


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