FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Fluff – Bananagrams – Review

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Theme and What is it?


Having fun with this game isn’t a roll of the dice. Sit the kids down, shake your Fluff cup, and see who the sneakiest one is! Does the group have three 4’s or do you have a better guess (or bluff)? Careful that you don’t call “Fluff” when you aren’t sure or you’ll lose a die!

Gameplay Mechanics



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The goal of Fluff is to be the last player with dice.


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Each player chooses a color of Fluff cup and the corresponding dice.


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Players shake their Fluff cups with the dice in it (careful not to spill!).  Look under the lid to see what your rolled and making sure none of the other players see as well.  The starting player calls out a guess at what the group has in total such as three 2’s or five 4’s.  Each of the color has an associated character and instead of a 1 on the dice, there is the character’s face.  This result is a wild, meaning it is the value called out by the current player.

When a player thinks that another is bluffing or knows that whatever the player called can’t be true, you call “Fluff!” and everyone shows their dice.  If the player failed his bluff, he loses a die from his cup. If the caller is incorrect (the group has at least the number of dice of the specified value), then he loses a die from his cup.

The player who loses a die in a round is the first player of the next round and play continues as above.  If a player loses all the dice from his cup, he is out of the game.


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Initial Impressions


This game is just a variant of Liar’s Dice repackaged for children.

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Game Build Quality


The components are the dice and cups. The dice are standard dice with custom faces for the 1’s side to represent the wild value. The cups are plastic yet not easily broken, yet the lids aren’t very secure when shaking.

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Artistic Direction


The cups have a barely perceptible imprint of the color’s character. The art on the dice is the custom face of the color’s character. Most of the art is on the box the game comes in, which also has the rules printed on it as well. There isn’t much at all to the game visually.

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Fun Factor


Kids will have bluffing and trying to pull one over on you. And there’s nothing like pulling off a win when you’re down to one die!

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Age Range & Weight


Age range is 8+ and there is hardly any complexity to the game that would make it inappropriate for that age. The bluffing aspect might be a turn off to some parents as it is akin to lying or because this mechanic is usually associated with gambling.



This game is a rebrand of a long-known game that has cute pictures of animals to capture the interest of children. There are a couple of variants to the game in the rules that play to the younger audience but there isn’t much more to the game than what it already is. If you like dice games and/or bluffing games, you probably already know the game and so it’s for you if you don’t already have it.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Fluff - Bananagrams - Review
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Liar’s Dice for the whole family… Call “Fluff!” and see what comes!

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