An update on the Founders Kickstarter Campaign

So, I’m backing founders on Kickstarter, from the creators of Gloomhaven. It looks like something interesting, and the following is of course huge due to the Gloomhaven world tie-in. The update is posted below, but one of the things discussed is the idea of achievements. Now, this piques my interest. I’m a complete nerd for in-game achievements.
How can this be done? Can it be tied to a honor based app showing achievements, and point values? Can that app become a cross-compatible platform for board gaming achievements? Should that be something we at MeepleGamers undertake to allow our users to track their achievements? Any other nerds for achievements?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot us a DM on social media!

New, game-changing stretch goals

Hey there, founders of Gloomhaven!
It looks like we just knocked out another stretch goal, which means it’s time for the promised update! The update in which I reveal two new stretch goals. Both of them are game-changing in the literal and figurative sense, and I am super-excited about them. By the end of this update, I hope you will feel the same way.

But, all right, that is enough stalling. Well, except for this:

An update on the Founders Kickstarter Campaign 1

Exciting thing #1

So this first new stretch goal will come to us at $375,000. That may sound like a lot, but it is going to add a bunch of new cards to the game.
So I was talking to Jon Cox from JonGetsGames about how games of Founderswhere the players spread out at the beginning are generally more interesting, and so there should be a way to incentivize players to do so. We agreed that having suggested starting placements for that first resource everyone places would do the trick, but the idea of incentivizing players to act differently also resonated with me. I started thinking about incorporating a deck of achievements into the game.
Achievements would basically just offer point to players for doing specific things in the game. Things that they might not normally do in the game, and so will have to use a little bit more effort and planning. These achievements will also just be an optional variant to the game, as the game plays perfectly well without them.
How it would work is there would actually be three distinct decks of achievements. The first would be a goal that awards points to the first player who achieves it. These would be goals like, “Build all you bridges,” or “Build an advanced resource in every section of the city.” These would be the most difficult to balance, as you don’t want the first-come, first-served aspect to give an advantage to any race or spot in player order. But I’m sure I’ll manage.
The second deck would contain achievements that are scored on a specific trigger in the game – likely when two prestige buildings are complete, which happens roughly halfway through. All players who meet the condition would score points at that time. These would be goals like, “Own a tier 3 resource building,” or “Have two resources delivered to a single prestige building.” The third deck would be similar to the second, but would be scored at the very end of the game.
Each game, one card would be dealt out from all three decks before races are selected. Getting to pick your races after seeing these might create some imbalance in the player order, but it will lead to more diverse games, and we can adjust for that imbalance with some form of compensation to players later in the order.
I think this will add a healthy amount of replayability to the game and give heavy thinkers something else to incorporate into their plans. Achievements at $375,000! Woo!

Exciting thing #2

So now let’s talk about what is coming at $400,000, and here is where I admit that I might have buried the lede a little. Because while achievements can change this game in a significant way, the next stretch goal is going to change another game.
What I want to do is include a deck of eight Gloomhaven city event cards in the Founders of Gloomhaven box. Each of these city events will correspond to one of the eight playable races.
The idea is that once your group has played Founders of Gloomhaven a couple times and you feel you are all reasonably adept at it, you decide to play a game “for real.” Then, as a one-time special thing, whichever race wins that game of Founders, you take the corresponding event card and add it to the Gloomhaven city deck.
Your actions in Founders of Gloomhaven will propagate throughout history and have a (very small) effect on the events of Gloomhaven!
Now, this stretch goal isn’t going to mean much to you if you don’t own Gloomhaven, and the cards are meaningless to players of Gloomhaven if they aren’t also a fan of Founders, but I hope this idea is at least very exciting for those of you who are fans of both games.
Now, the first question I anticipate getting is, “Gloomhaven content! Are you going to sell it separately?” And the answer is, “No.” As I said before, these cards mean absolutely nothingto those who haven’t played Founders of Gloomhaven. You can’t just buy these cards and add them to your city event deck. That would make zero sense.Zero sense.
And I’m not trying to incentivize Gloomhaven fans to buy this game. Again, if you’re not playing Founders of Gloomhavenand enjoying it, there’s no reason to incorporate these cards. I just want to add something special for those of you who are fans of both games.
Now that I’ve fully explained both goals, I guess I can finally show you the stretch goal graphic:
right! I think this update has gone on long enough. Have a wonderful day, and I will see you tomorrow!


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