Friend Or Faux – Games Adults Play – Review


Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 1

Publisher: Games Adults Play

Game Type: Adult Party Game

Designer: Easily Amused Productions

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Easliy Amused Productions

Theme and What is it?

Friend Or Faux is an adult party game. Right on the front of the box it describes itself as “a game of ridiculously revealing questions”. Discover who your real friends are.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Friend Or Faux can be played anywhere from 1 to 5 rounds. Each round sees questions that are more intrusive in each player’s personal life. Rounds 4 and 5 contain adult themes and should not be played with minors. At the start of each round each player is given a card with a question on it. The player reads the question and every other players provides an answer for the question. Their answers should be what they think the player asking the question would answer. Once all answers are written down, the player asking the question reveals their answer. If the other players picked the same answer they score points. The round continues in the same manner for each player. When a new round starts a new deck is selected and each player receives a new card. At any point when the player asking the question reveals an answer that someone does not agree with the disagreeing player can then throw their B.S. card on the table, which means they disagree. The player asking the question can either say their answer is B.S. and give a new answer, or they stick to their original answer. Some cards also have a “Prove It” on them. Once the player gives their answer they have to prove it, usually with an action. At the end of last round, the player with the most points wins.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 3

Initial Impressions

Playing Friend Or Faux with people I know really well was not very exciting. The first few rounds were questions that only hit the surface of people’s psyches. “What’s my favorite pizza?” “Where did I grow up” Stuff like that. Round three is the sweet spot in Friend Or Faux. The questions get into some areas that sit on the fringes of taboo without focusing solely on our sexuality. In my opinion the game would be better if most of the questions were like those found in Round 3. Rounds 4 and 5 are questions that would best be suited for the young at heart who are really interested in talking about sex. To me I do not find stuff like that as interesting I as do questions that explore an individuals personality. But sex sells so 1/3 of the game focuses on that.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 4

Game Build Quality

The game only consists of cards and a score pad. The cards are very nice and should survive plenty of play, especially when you consider that most will not be used during a game. The box that holds the cards is very nice and the directions are found on the outside of the inside box (does that make sense). One problem I had was that they used clear plastic stickers to hold the box in place instead of a plastic shrink wrap. This left sticky residue after the stickers were removed. That means I can’t set the game on top of other game boxes because it will make them stick together and may ruin other game boxes.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 5

Artistic Direction

There is not much art going on here. It is minimalistic to the extreme. I guess that is an art form, but I always like to see some type of theme.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 6

Fun Factor

Friend Or Faux is a game were you can learn a lot about other players. Some of it will be fascinating. Some of it you may wish you never knew. But either way now you know and hopefully you scored a few points along the way. There will be laughs and cringes and you may never see people the same way again. That is the risk you take when you play games that involve personal information and, more specific, personal information that is not openly discussed with others. Friend Or Faux can be a great getting to know you game…for a few rounds. If you already know the people you are playing with those first rounds will be boring and there is not a lot to move into that doesn’t involve sex. This is a game that players should enter at their own risk and then stick to questions that the group is comfortable with.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 7

Age Range & Weight

The recommendation for Friend Or Faux is 18+. If players stay to the beginner level questions, then you can play with much younger players than 18. Once you get further along in the game then you will want to stick to that 18+ rating.

Friend Or Faux - Games Adults Play - Review 8


Friend Or Faux will work well for certain gaming groups. Unfortunately, it did not really work for mine. We were too familiar with each other and the round that we really enjoyed was the only type of questions like that in the game. Even though we were familiar with each other it did lead to some fun stories and we spent much of the evening laughing with each other. That is the real strong point with games like Friend Or Faux. Spending time building relationships with people you like makes it all worth it.


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