Geek Out: The 80’s Edition – Ultra Pro – Review

Geek Out: The 80's Edition - Ultra Pro - Review 1

Theme&What is it?

Test Your 80’s Knowledge

The generation that produced some of the greatest movies, music, graphic design and video games known to mankind now has a game that encompasses all of that pop culture. Geek Out: the 80’s edition has teams of players competing to prove they are the ultimate 80’s geek. 

Relive Your Childhood or Younger Year (If You Are Really Old)

I lived my childhood in the 80’s, I was ready for this game. The teams ended up being me versus five other people. I ended up beating them by one point. This should teach you who should be playing this game. You need to know 80’s pop culture and experienced it. If you didn’t, you won’t be able to make very high bids. 



How It Works

In Geek Out you will split up into multiple teams. You roll a dice to figure out what topic you will be testing your 80’s knowledge. There are movies, TVs shows, music, video games, fashion, politics…if it happened in the 80’s you need to know about it.  A team rolls a dice, picks a card and selects the topic based off of the dice roll. The team offers an opening bid of how many things they can name in that category. For example: Name two films in which John Cusack appears.  The next team can offer a higher bid, if there is another team, they can offer an even higher bid. Once a team has offered a bid and every other team has passed, that team has to name as many as they bid. If the team is able to fulfill their bid, they move up one space on the score track. If they are unable to fulfill their bid they move backwards once space on the score track. Once a team has scored five points, they are the winners. 

Just What You Thought It Would Be

Everything is ok. It is all up to industry standard, nothing fancy, nothing terrible. It is a nice little box, a very standard party game build. 



So Much Neon

Geek Out has a really great use of vintage 80’s vibe graphic design; neon colors, futuristic triangle designs, and big bubble letters. If you grew up in the 80’s you will feel right at home.


Showing off everything that you know is always fun, but it is its most fun when you are able to name all of the characters from the Goonies. This game is a fun stroll down memory lane just as much as when I first read the book “Ready Player One.”



Gotta Be All Old

13+ is the starting age for Geek Out 80’s. I don’t think this age is ideal. You would have to be nearly 40 years old or older to really appreciate this game and understand the time period and it’s culture and to be able to rip off a list of six hit songs by Journey. If you can’t do that, you have no chance at winning. 

For The Right Group

I enjoyed this game probably more than the other five people enjoyed this game because I knew answers. I knew the topics because I lived through it. One major problem that we ran into quickly and every group who plays this game will run into the same issue. We spent a lot of time on our phones verifying answers, verifying dates to make sure that a song or movie came out in the 80’s.  Game nights for me is always a phone free zone. We could not make that happen while playing this game, and once a topic was looked up, it turned into a rabbit hole where you were being educated more and more on the 80’s. It was hard to keep peoples’ attention and focus especially when a lot of people didn’t know answers. So Geek Out: the 80’s edition works for a pretty select group of players, it needs to be people who intimately know the pop culture of that decade. 



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