GenCon 50


GenCon 50 1

GenCon, the quintessential gaming convention is nigh.

If you have been to GenCon, you realize what a madhouse it is. The Family Pavilion alone encompasses 10,000 sq.ft., or a lot of meters for our international friends, but I’m not good at math or Google, so they’ll have to figure that out should it amuse them. MeepleGamers will be there, in all of our glory, doing interviews, checking out the new hotness, and just generally kicking a$# and taking names.

Last year there were over 16,000 ticketed events. In terms of raw numbers, let’s put that into perspective, a ticketed event costs at least one chip, costing 2 dollars, and generally there are at least 4 spaces per event. That is like a billion dollars, well perhaps not a billion, but close.

The point is, GenCon is nearly here. If you see a MeepleGamers t-shirt, stop us, and say hi. We will need a break, maybe, you can convince us to play your new purchase with you at dinner.

For those that cannot attend GenCon, there is the modern movement of GenCant. While we cannot attend GenCant with you, as we will be at GenCon, we would highly encourage anyone not attending GenCon to still make this a fantastic gaming weekend.

If we see on social media any #GCMG tags over the next week, with our moniker (@meeplegamers), we will try to do something nice for you. Post in our comments if you have a booth, we will make sure to visit!

The band of geeks everywhere, They Might Be Giants will be playing, with a GenCon badge. For the geeks out there, you owe it to yourself to watch, the Particle Man, and Istanbul[email protected] #theymightbegiants

Whether you are GenCon’ing or GenCant’ing, we are with you either in body or spirit on this the 50th anniversary of GenCon.

Game on CON’ers, Game on!


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