Goblout (The Dégoblinade) – Exod Games – Review


Theme and What is it?


The Goblin King is dead and you have to replace him!

You play as goblin clan leaders eager to claim the vacant throne. Problem: there is only one crown, and many contenders.

Fortunately, the Goblin election protocol was carefully studied by the shamans of the different tribes, and the latter invented the grand ceremony of the Degoblinade to decide between the competitors. The concept is simple: the last goblin to have teeth becomes the new king.

This is the opportunity for the clan leaders and their servants to distribute some slaps during a good fight, with a chance to leave with the precious crown.

Ready for the Degoblinade?

Gameplay Mechanics


The game play is straightforward. On your turn, you will do the following.

  1. Discard and draw – You can discard as many cards as you wish and draw until you have 5 cards in hand.
  2. Roll of the die – Then, you roll the die. You can spend one health point to choose the side of the die.
  3. Deployment – Play a card in front of you. During this step, the active player can deploy as many cards as he wants as long as the color of his card matches the side of his die.
  4. Attack – The active player can use his Warrior, Brute and Super-Goblin cards to attack one or more opponents.
  5. Defense step – This step only occurs if you attack one or more players. The defending player will roll the die but cannot spend a health point to change the die face. Then they will deploy Canon Fodder or Super Goblin cards if the colors on the die allow so the player may defend the attack.

There are four unique colors of cards: Red (Attack), Blue (Defense), White (Prestige Points and Assistance), and Yellow (Lightning). The Yellow cards can be played at anytime regardless of the color on the die.

Players take turns playing cards, attacking and defending until all players are eliminated or one player has 5 Prestige Points.


Goblout (The Dégoblinade) - Exod Games - Review 1

Initial Impressions


The title is funny with its play on words. Artwork looked like the game may be entertaining.

Goblout (The Dégoblinade) - Exod Games - Review 2

Game Build Quality


The game is just a deck of cards, dice and goblin teeth. The card stock is nice. The dice are plastic with a screen print. I like them. They are clunky and well made. They represent the goblin teeth as white gems. These represent players hit points. If your teeth are all knocked out, then you are knocked out of the game! Keep your teeth in your mouth!

Goblout (The Dégoblinade) - Exod Games - Review 3

Artistic Direction


I love the artwork. It is very detailed with cute details if you look closely. On the front cover of the box, there is a pizza box on the floor with “Goblino’s Pizza” on the side as these Goblins are in the middle of an intense poker game.

Goblout (The Dégoblinade) - Exod Games - Review 4

Fun Factor


This game was definitely a “take that” mechanic. This gameplay varies in our group. That said, no arguments ensued. It is not a terrible game, but it just was not for us.

Goblout (The Dégoblinade) - Exod Games - Review 5

Age Range & Weight


The straight forward mechanics make for a simple explanation and play right from the box. The age suggestion is 8+ and I agree with this. A younger audience would have a blast with this game.



As I mentioned above, this just was not for us. I can see this easily being accepted into a non serious group with interests in this genre. The artwork is fantastic and is enjoyable to look at while playing. I thought the goblin teeth were a unique way to keep track of health points.

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